Church of England paves way for women bishops in 2014


As the Church of England prepares to make woman bishops, let us all pray that this will be the start of many conversions to the Holy Catholic Church!


That might mean the women bishops coming to join us…:wink:

I find the whole ‘women priests’ issue so fascinating - in an abstract sort of way - but also so tangential to the really important matters facing us Christians.


I join you in that prayer,
Lord Hear our Prayer for all to come Home!


Only 8 votes against this? Good Lord, bring these sheep back home! :frowning:


Secular articles sadly present the position of a male-priesthood poorly. At best, such as in this article, they do mention that Churches recognize Jesus as having chosen only male apostles. I have yet to ever read an article that explains the Church’s understanding of a sacrament and the necessary outward resemblance a sacrament must have in order for it to be valid, as well as the theology of Christ, the bridegroom, who necessarily must be a male.


I hope the Anglican Use becomes huge in England! Make the University of Oxford Catholic again!


Seeing that the Queen of England has been the titular head of the Church of England, I fail to see why it is a surprising move to have women bishops.


During the debate at Church House in London one leading women cleric warned that the failure to agree the issue in the past made them simply look “weird”.

During the debate Canon Rosie Harper, chaplain to the Bishop of Buckingham, said:

“I would like to take a moment to look at this from the outside in.

“I would like to name the sheer weirdness of a community arguing about discrimination in the 21st century – people out there don’t care enough to be angry but they do dismiss us as weird.

“If we are serious about our mission, and I know this is a very basic point, we really do have to stop being weird.”


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