Church of England welcomes Vatican workshop's statement on climate change [CC]

The Church of England has welcomed the final statement issued by participants in an April 28 Vatican conference on climate change."Climate change is the greatest moral challenge of our …


Just about every word in that statement is highly suspect, highly debatable. The cause of climate change is not man, nor can man effect change. And it certainly is not the most important moral issue of our times.


Greatest? Hmmm…

I’m just relieved, as a Catholic, to learn that that statement came from the CoE and not the Vatican.

“Scientific consensus” is an oxymoron.
Science, except the “political science” that the man-made climate change occupies, is not done by consensus. Every time I hear this term, I am always reminded that the proponents are admitting that they have no scientific proof.

What’s sad is when church leaders are taken in by political movements such as this, which are, often enough, populated by the very same people who are attacking religious liberty.


If we keep up our progress they may let us rejoin them. :smiley:

I don’t know why Catholics are so riled up about Pope Francis’ new encyclical that is coming. Pope Benedict XVI was very conscientious about environmental stewardship, and probably would have written an encyclical on it by now if he had remained Pope. Not seeing what the fuss is about. :shrug:

Because most social conservatives have a tendency to deny man-made climate change. And a lot of Christians, regardless of denomination, tend to be social conservatives. This is not to say that social conservatism and climate-denying are inherently linked, because they aren’t. It just so happens that the social conservative political party in the USA is also fiercely opposed to the idea of man-made climate change. And people tend to buy into the platforms of political parties wholesale, regardless of either being Left or Right, without considering any nuance. It is all about paradigms rather than individual and separate issues. It’s a tragedy of politics sadly.

When one considers that just one volcano spews out more greenhouse gasses (along with a whole lot of other really nasty stuff) than all of the cars on the entire planet, since there have been cars, together with refineries and coal burning plants, since they have existed, it is absurd to imagine that us evil human beings are responsible for changing the temperature of the entire planet. It is not even established that the climate of the world is changing at all, other than the normal cycles it has gone through for millions of years. This is nothing but junk science, politically motivated. I pray that the Vatican is not really buying into this.

I will say that if there is such a thing as global warming that mankind has about as much responsibility for it as the guy who left his garden hose running during Hurricane Katrina was responsible for the flooding in New Orleans.

You actually have it backwards on the volcano part…

As an environmental scientist, I can assure you that man-made climate change is very much overrated and is part of a wider scandal.

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