Church of God-Anderson Indiana 1881

Hello everyone
Dose anyone know about
This COG’s theology and history?

How can you help someone from that background?

Anyone from there have positive or negative experience’s?

I may be wrong but I think the COG is a cult and say they are the first church and say it was started in 40 ad. just after the CC church

A fairly innocuous holiness group.

What cult like qualities dose it have? I have family there.

What do you mean by that?

There are several groups that call themselves “Church of God”.

The Anderson church is, as far as I know, more or less typical Arminian Holiness, but not Pentecostal.

The Cleveland, TN group is Pentecostal.

Then there are several sabbatarian apocalyptic groups that have “Church of God” somewhere in their tames.

Its the one from Anderson Indiana
that my relatives go to.

They have a holiness background out of the general Wesley movement…I thought.

They historically believe that Catholicism is the Whore of Babylon, and that creedal Protestants are her daughters. Like most Evangelical denominations it has built itself on nitch theology. They’re particular focus is that creeds are evil. The only “creed” they have is the Bible, so they just follow what it says. As if that idea never occurred to anyone else.

Anyway, they believe that salvation is attained through praying the “sinner’s prayer”.

They do not posses sacraments. Instead they have ordinances. Their ordinances happen to be: Baptism, communion, and foot washing. These are purely symbolic and are not in anyway necessary to be a Christian. Though Baptism is encouraged, but it ultimately has no value in and of itself.

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