Church of God

Has anyone encounter a group from WMSCOG (World Mission Society Church of God)?

A Korean Seventh Day Adventist group.

There are a number of different groups by the name, “Church of God.” One is an old pentecostal denomination, similar to the 'Assemblies of God." They would be considered orthodox by most, except by those who are adverse to charismatic gifts.

Then, there are a variety of CoG’s who fragmented from the ‘Adventist’ movement of the 1840’s. Their distinctives are Sabbath day worship, and British Israelism. They are similar to the early church ‘Judaisers’, and not considered to be orthodox. In recent times many in these groups have mutated into Jew wannabees, Sacred Name cults, and Old Testament festival reverts. :whacky:

Yes, you are right because I have been debating one from WMSCOG and all he cares about is bible prophecy, he observes all 7 feast days, he believes the founder of his church ahnsang hong is Jesu/ Christ and has already came the second time and fulfilled bible prophecy, he quotes Galatians 4:26 to show there is a mother God and he calls Ahnsang Hong his father God too. So he quotes so much Old Testament texts to substantiate his claims. He was an ex-Catholic and been part of this church for 10 yesrs now, only to adore a man. No matter how many times I refute him, he continues to remain blind. He is a “Jewish wannabe”.

The Adventist movement stemmed from a prophecy that 1844 would be the end of the world. It proved false of course, but its followers proliferated (and continue to proliferate) into dozens of off-shoots such as the Korean one you have described. :rolleyes:

The largest group followed ‘prophetess’ Ellen White, and formed the 7th Day Adventist Church. The second largest group formed the Church of God and one of its off-shoots followed Herbert Armstrong who became well known for his magazine, ‘The Plain Truth.’

After Armstrong died, the next leader apologised for various heresies, and attempted to lead it back into the orthodox stream of Christian Churches. Unfortunately, a rump of hard-core followers refused and splintered into even worse heresies - but holding on to the original CoG name.

The upshot of all this, has been very vocal and belligerent groups majoring on Sabbath keeping and end-time prophecy. As a result study of end-time prophecy has been bought into disrepute. Unfortunate, because eschatology is a worthy area of Bible study IMO.

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