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Can any one tell me about a group calling themself the United Church of God I think out of Cincinati Oh. With a saying “THE CHURCH JESUS BUILD”


In 1957, the United Church of Christ formed through the organic union of the Evangelical and Reformed Church with the General Council of Congregational Christian Churches.
The UCC uses four words to describe itself: Christian, Reformed, Congregational and Evangelical. The church’s diversity and adherence to covenantal polity (rather than government by regional elders or bishops) give individual congregations a great deal of freedom in the areas of worship, congregational life, and doctrine.

The motto of the United Church of Christ comes from John 17:21: “That they may all be one.” The UCC uses broad doctrinal parameters, honoring creeds and confessions as “testimonies of faith” rather than “tests of faith,” and emphasizes freedom of individual conscience and local church autonomy.



Hi Will look into the “Restoration Movement” online.


The UGC is not the UCC. The UGC was formed in the mid-90s and is a sabbatarian church. Their website has quite a bit of info on them. Cinncinnati is their national headquarters in the US, I believe.

Joe Monahan

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