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Does anyone know the history behing the Church(es) of God? I was thinking it might be a Stone and Campbell splinter, but I am not sure.

I see them all over Southeast Missouri. Just wondering/

[quote=Kecharitomene]Does anyone know the history behing the Church(es) of God? I was thinking it might be a Stone and Campbell splinter, but I am not sure.

I see them all over Southeast Missouri. Just wondering/

THE WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD was founded by Herbert W. Armstrong. There are several off shoots of it now. Not sure which one you might be seeing. Here is some good background on it and the splinter groups.

Church of God Founding and history

Besides the Worldwide Church of God, which started as a cult under Herbert Armstrong and has since pretty much joined the mainstream of orthodox Protestant evangelicism, there are:

The Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee), started 1886 as a holiness movement in the Southeast, became Pentecostal in 1896, is now a mainstream Pentecostal denomination and the oldest Pentecostal denomination in the world.

The Church of God of Prophecy (also based in Cleveland), a splinter group from the CoG.

The Church of God (Anderson, Indiana), a non-Pentecostal but fairly fundamentalist denomination known for having produced musicians like Bill Gaither and Sandi Patti.

…just to name a few. What you’re seeing in Missouri is probably the Cleveland CoG.


If you check their web site, you wll find that they only highlight certain scripture. Once again, scripture can be made to say anything that you want it to say. Without the divine authority of the Catholic Church and its fullness of interpretation, we can see why there are about 32,000 different protestant interpretations of the bible.

Jesus asked that the church be one as He and the Father are one.

Deacon Tony SFO


How in the heaven are ya?!?! Great I hope!

Which web site did you look at? ? or, another ?

Roland member

As we have seen there are several denominations going by the name"Church of God".

Going by location in Missouri I think the one Ketch was speaking about is the Cleveland Tenn Church of God.

Roland thanks for the link, I read extensively there.

I feel I owe you a huge apology for previously charectorising the WCOG as a cult, the WGOG has changed to orthodox Christianity in ways that I was not aware of previously.

Sorry, Roland.

My new-friend!

Not to worry :slight_smile:

The new WCG ( has undergone radical changes since 1990.

Now, WCG believes itself to be within the Protestant Group.

Obviously, to the faithful Catholics here, like you, WCG could and should move further into Orthodoxy/Catholicism :slight_smile:

I think it will take the 2ndComing of our Lord to bring all brothers and sisters together :slight_smile:

God bless and please keep in touch :slight_smile:


The Pentecostal Church of God has a Bible College and some type of HQ in Joplin, MO.

They are very very similar to the Assemblies of God, very fundamentalist evangelical.

There is also the Church of God Abrahamic Faith.

This sect has resurrected the heresy of adoptionism. They deny the Trinity, and believe that Jesus was a man, but not the Second Person of the Trinity, (i.e. they deny the hypostatic union).The Doctrine of the Trinity: Christianity’s Self Inflicted Wound.
Anthony F. Buzzard, Charles F. Hunting

Sir Anthony Buzzard, teaches at the Atlanta Bible College. Charles F. Hunting is a retired pastor

The authors of this book challenge the traditional trinitarian viewpoint, and demonstrate that while Jesus is confessed in scripture as Messiah, Son of God, he is not God Almighty himself.Though Buzzard and Hunting belong to COGAF and not the Jehovah Witnesses, I have seen JW’s quote this book many times on the Internet.

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