Church of Scientology launching TV station

From the Telegraph:
The Church of Scientology, the religion whose followers include actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta, plans to start a religious broadcasting centre to promote its teachings over TV, radio and the internet.

The centre, located near the church’s West Coast headquarters in Hollywood, would occupy the nearly five-acre studio property the church bought last year from Los Angeles public TV station KCET for $42 million (£27 million).

The station would elevate the public profile of a religion that has mostly relied on pamphlets and books by its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, to proselytise for new members.

The problem is that there are now going to be 1,001 channels on the cable and nothing worth watching (versus 1,000 channels).

I can imagine the lineup.

  1. Tom Cruise movies.
  2. John Travolta movies or reruns of Welcome Back Kotter.

And Tom jumping up and down like he did on Oprah, sorry I can’t get the image out of my mind, but anyhow jumpimg up and down on the couch like a Monkey, and John back as Vinnie holding his head again and saying I am so CONFUSED!:smiley:

Don’t worry about it. Go to the last chapter. WE WIN!

On this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it.

There are thousands of Church’s out there that have tried to prevail over the CC. None won yet! God Promised!:thumbsup:

I thought they already had a Scientology channel… the Sci Fi channel.

Mockery and denigration of another religion is shameful behavior.

So more cheapo “Giant Python Vs, Alligatorsaurus” movies?

I’m kind of surprised they didn’t do this 20 years ago, considering how many people in the entertainment industry are scientologists.


If they follow their previous pattern, it will probably be a premium pay channel, like HBO. :wink:

i hope they don’t do this…just what we need…more trash.

It is extremely rude and discourteous to refer to another religion as trash.

I have been researching this “religion” for a while now. I’ve read two books by L. Ron Hubbard and they are complete nonsense. The fact that a man can make a religion from bogus “scientific” beliefs blows my mind.

They’ve recently opened one of their “churches” around where I live. This scares me. I believe this religion could become very dangerous. Just look into it.

I can see in 20 more years there being some militant scientologists. On another hand, they are going through a reformation now since a couple of their high ranking church members left the church. Interesting stuff.

unless you have EWTN :smiley:

Actually, some plot devices used in Star Trek: The Next Generation and later seem to mirror Scientology tenets. In which case, it’s been on prime time broadcast TV.

Mockery of another religion is despicable.

What a scam of a religion. They make you pay money to move up OT levels.

And they don’t even reveal the “Xenu” story until you’re OT level 3.

I’m sorry, but even if you were to be a scientologist, why wouldn’t you confirm your belief in this story? Anytime a scientologist is asked about the Xenu story they deny it. Or, they’ll say something like “are you trying to offend me”. That and/or they’ll try to compare the “ridiculousness” of the virgin Mary birth of Jesus. Funny how they’re so quick to compare Christianity only and not Muhammad or Buddah. L. Ron Hubbard was inspired by Buddhists with reincarnation.

They also have a drug rehab called Narconon. It’s equally as stupid, but a little more dangerous. They pull in drug addicts, people who are extremely sick both physically and mentally. Not to mention, mentally vulnerable to anything. Have them quit cold turkey (with out a medical doctor), give them a ridiculous amount of niacin and have them sweat out the poison while they do spiritual exercises.

This is such a ridiculous scam. And this church is growing. More people need to be aware of how stupid it is.

Referring to another religion as a “scam” is atrocious and intolerant behavior.

Stan, you do realize that the button is there if there is a bona fide violation.

Trying to silence the opinions of others is also atrocious and intolerant behavior.

We all understood you after your first post, repeating it doesn’t do you any good.

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