Church of Scientology on trial in France

i put this in the secular forum because it isnt politics, and scientology is more of a cult/hoax than a religion.

PARIS (AFP) – The Church of Scientology and six of its French leaders went on trial on Monday on charges of organised fraud that could lead to an outright ban on the organisation in France.

The court is hearing a complaint from two women, one of whom alleges she was manipulated into handing over 20,000 euros (28,000 dollars) for costly Scientology products, such as an “electrometer” to measure mental energy.

The second complainant alleges she was forced by her Scientologist employer to undergo testing and enroll in courses in 1998. When she resisted, she was fired.

Some of the Scientologists are also charged with illegally supplying pharmaceutical products after plaintiffs said they were given vitamins and concoctions to improve their mental state.

Should French prosecutors win a conviction, the movement’s French structures, the Scientology Celebrity Centre and an associated bookshop in Paris, could be shut down for failing to meet their responsibilities as legal entities.

for a group founded by a sci-fi writer who claims an evil alien killed other aliens and trapped their souls on earth, and those souls in our bodies are the cause of all our suffering, and bowel movements expell the alien souls, i just want to know-how does anyone take them seriously?

Because to back out would be to admit that all their money has been mis-spent on a hoax?

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