"Church" of Scientology Reportedly Forced Women to Have Abortions

“Church” of Scientology Reportedly Forced Women to Have Abortions

Washington, DC – The controversial Church of Scientology is coming under criticism from multiple women who all say they were forced to have abortions. The Church has been a source of debate since its founding by American science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard.


Saw some women being interviewed in a documentary that was televized last night (caught it part way through, don’t know the title). They attested to being virutally frog-marched in to Planned Parenthood clinics and told what to say once they arrived. The interview I saw was of a woman who was living aboard their training ship, which had a strict no-pregnancy policy.

From what I learned last night, Scientology seems to be focused on blind obedience, discipline & corporal & psychological punishment. There also seems to be an emphasis on secrecy and controlling information.

(As an aside, glad Katie Holmes & her daughter have come home :). If the tabloids can be believed, however (and that’s a big if) the Scientologists are stalking them and some of them are armed. The paranoiac in me wonders if their recent auto accident was truly an accident.)

I’m totally ignorant of scientology. Is abortion a problem for them?

Are pro-choicers going to come to these girls aid?

I think the problem is that the Scientologists (over a period of indoctrination) gain an unreasonable amount of control over their adherent’s lives. It’s been rumoured that they tell ppl whom to marry, when to divorce, etc.

An outreach to women in Scientology who are being pressured to have abortions might be a great idea! Does anyone know if it’s being done?

I wish there was an apologist for Scientology on CAF. That would be really interesting. Never seen one though.

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