Church of St. Joseph in Poughkeepsie, NY

Does anyone know anything about it? I am trying to know if they are associated with any catholic school in the area, and if they have an altar server program. It seem to me that it is the only church with the TLM Mass in that part of the state. Do you know of any orthodox NO parishes with schools in the area? Orthodoxy priority #1, Catholic school priority #2, liturgy priority #3. Thanks

I am from that area actually and attend St. Joseph when I am visiting. There may have been a school associated with it, but I know of none now. I don’t think there is an altar server program, but I could be mistaken. The congregation at the TLM is rather small, but very faithful. You actually might want to try St. Augustine in Highland (its across the bridge but very close to Poughkeepsie). I’ve only been to Mass there once, but it was the most orthodox NO I’ve ever been too (it was entirely in the vernacular, but very by the book). Things may have changed though, I haven’t been there in a while. I believe that they have a school associated with them. Best of luck.

Here is the listing of Catholic Schools in the area

Set the county to “Dutchess” or “Ulster”

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