Church of Sweden to allow homosexual "marriage"



Hi MetalMark, We should pray for the conversion of the Lutheran Church in Sweden.Homosexuality is a mortal sin.There must be members of the Church in Sweden who disapprove of this change. Perhaps this change will cause their members to come home to the full truth of the Apostolic Church. Let us never give up praying for unity.God bless you and your friends on your walk with the Lord, Mark:thumbsup::)Carlan

I don’t understand how people who call themselves Christian can so blatantly go against the teachings that are explicitly stated in the Bible. It’s like hello, wake up!:banghead:

its because of the most abused passage in the bible

“he who had not sinned cast the first stone”

this is what they always use to justify sinful activities. that because we are all sinners, then we shouldn’t pass judgment on those who act sinfully. that let them do what they want and let them face Jesus and let Him judge them

its not like they can make sorry excuses against the judgment of God. but maybe they believe they can appeal to His mercy :shrug:

So, the Church of Sweden now approves of people giving themselves rectal cancer. Wonderful.

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