Church of Sweden to Consecrate 1st Female Archbishop

The Lutheran Church in Sweden has elected its first female archbishop. Rt Rev Antje Jackelen joins other Lutheran female bishops in Germany, Norway and the U.S. The Church of Sweden is the largest Lutheran body in the world and has considerable influence on Lutherans in north America.

From the article:

She’s married to a priest, has two children and is known in Sweden for her statements questioning the Virgin birth…

Of course, in the minds of the liberals who selected her, her rejection of orthodox Christianity is her main qualification.

I heard about her on NPR a few days ago. She appears to be a secular “Christian,” admitting herself that she is personally asattracted to Mohammed as she is to Christ as a religious figure.


What would Luther think?

And married to a priest?
Are they some sort of Church “power couple”?

Good for her.
They should pitch their own his-and-hers Sunday morning religion show to a network, where they are both equal partners in the service…and it’s not set up as the female just being the adoring, weeping wife…a la Tammy Faye et al.



Thanks for the levity! So many post ultra-serious opinions; we need to laugh at ourselves.

She seems to deny critical tenets of the Christian faith, at least from a Catholic/high-church Protestant perspective.

Lutherans, please help me out: Do you guys generally acknowledge the virgin birth?

Putting my “serious” hat on, I am concerned about the Primate to be of Sweden questioning the virgin birth of Jesus. Antje Jackelen taught at the Lutheran seminary in Chicago like other Sweden bishops such as Krister Stendahl.

I selected these 2 photos of the bishop of Lund to emphasize her pastoral responsibility.

Francis shows us the humility and dignity of the faith.

What does this say about the condition of the “Lutheran” state churches in Europe and those who share fellowship with them? :frowning:

Confessional Lutherans sometimes do silly things like refusing to pray nice with others, but you’ll never find one denying tenants of the faith.

He’d have swam back across the Tiber faster than summer disappears in Wisconsin.

People should search and question the faith. Holy people like Mother Teresa

Jesus has a very special love for you. As for me, the silence and the emptiness is so great that I look and do not see, listen and do not hear.
— Mother Teresa to the Rev. Michael Van Der Peet, September 1979

But the leaders of the Church should not suggest personal doubt of the Gospels for the harm that can be done. I honestly don’t know any Christian who questions the virgin birth. :eek:

And if one questioned the virgin birth, it’s a short step to questioning a true resurrection, and Christ’s divinity. Which would make us all Jews, or in my case a Buddhist. :slight_smile:

Yes, all confessional lutherans acknowledge the virgin birth and the rest of the tenants of Christianity.

The confessional synods in the US have basically broken fellowship with the liberal ELCA as well as the state churches of Northern Europe, and with good reason.

I’m not sure. He didn’t do it for Zwickau, he wouldn’t necessarily do it for this…

Surely Luther must be doing :faceslap:


Yes, but the Zwickau radicals were men, after all… now if they had been women… :stuck_out_tongue:

Inasmuch as the Apostles and Nicene Creeds are accepted as accurate confessions of faith by Lutherans, the virgin birth has to be accepted as real. Academically, one might debate the difference between the Hebrew and the Greek in the translation of Isaiah 7:14, but this does not negate the creeds.

Well, here it is, from the Book of Concord (the Lutheran confessions)

From the Apostle’s Creed:
* And in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord; who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary; *

And from the Solid Declaration of the Formula of Concord

  • On account of this personal union and communion of the natures, Mary, the most blessed Virgin, bore not a mere man, but, as the angel [Gabriel] testifies, such a man as is truly the Son of the most high God,** who showed His divine majesty even in His mother’s womb, inasmuch as He was born of a virgin, with her virginity inviolate. Therefore she is truly the mother of God, and nevertheless remained a virgin.** *

Now, to be a Lutheran, one MUST confess these truths of the faith. Therefore, if she does not confess these truths, she is not a Lutheran, her claims to be so notwithstanding.

In short, if it doesn’t walk or quack like a duck, it probably isn’t a duck.


So, how is she able to be a minister, let alone an archbishop:confused:

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