Church of the East

I’ve heard that the Ancient and Assyrian churches are planing to reunite into the church of the east , have you heard so mething like that ?

Well, I think that’s always a looked-for possibility, but if you mean have there been any developments, in the last several months or whatever, then: not that I know of.

What churches? I am familiar with the Assyrian Church of the East, but I don’t know the “ancient” church you are referring to.

The Ancient Church of the East

This is what I was able to find.

Apparently they had some discussions over the summer.

Do they really wear such Roman choir dress? Influence from the Latins via the Chaldeans?
Would be great if the Ancient and Assyrian branches were reunited.


Actually, the history of the Assyrian Church is too complicated to say it that way. The ones that are out of communion with Rome were once the one’s that were in Communion with Rome, the Chaldeans - who were out of Communion with Rome, are now the much larger group and in Communion with Rome coming out of (I believe) two separate Patriarchates that united to Rome and merged in the 15th Century.

Actually, population estimates place both groups at about 500,000 adherents.

I agree, have these two faiths United as 1. Fight together hand by hand.

How about if they just come quietly?

Heh. Kidding, but seriously I think there’s a fair possibility that the ACoE could decide to become Catholic-ICWR. They’re certainly closer to us than they are to Orthodoxy (or OOxy).

Believe me, it would be awesome, if one of those churches or both for that matter came home. Heck. I will say the same for all the churches, it would be amazing if we became one flock.

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