Church officials in Holy Land offer differing reactions to Fatah, Hamas reconciliation [CWN]

The director of Caritas Jerusalem has welcomed the reconciliation between the two leading Palestinian political factions-- Fatah, which governs the Palestinian National Authority, and …


One has to truly question whether it is possible for Fatah and Hamas to reconcile. It’s like expecting MS-13 and the Bloods to reconcile. It might seem so on the surface, but the reality will be that one won and one lost.

Likely, this is actually the swan song of Fatah, which has found itself sufficiently unpopular (and rightly so) that it has to be subsumed into Hamas, which has more daring thugs than Fatah does.

As little likelihood as there was of peace between Israel and Fatah, there is no possibility whatever of peace between Hamas and Israel.

That’s how politics works.

I don’t see much, if any, likelihood of peace between Hamas and Israel but nevertheless, we should continue to pray for peace. God has worked miracles in the past and He continues to do so to this very day. Indeed, it was two miraculous healings which were needed for Saint John Paul II who was just canonized today. :slight_smile:

2 Questions:

  1. Is Hamas a terrorist organization?
  2. Has Hamas renounced terrorism?

If they haven’t, I don’t understand how a non-terrorist group teaming up with a terrorist group can ever be considered a good thing?

The Hamas constitution refuses to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist (for what its worth, the Likud party takes the same stance on the Palestinian territories). As far as I know, Hamas has not renounced violence. This doesn’t mean that it can’t change that policy. Fatah was perfectly happy to use violence until the Oslo accord. Integrating moderate Fatah in Hamas will either radicalize Fatah or moderate Hamas. We can only hope that its the latter.

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