Church only as good as its pastor?


Hello all!

This is something that I’ve noticed, especially here in the "Bible Belt."
People tend to church shop all the time, because of better music, or excellent preaching. What I’ve happen to catch onto is this: that most of the churches around here are only as good as the personality of their pastors. I’ve even had an Anglican tell me the same thing :eek:

Before anyone freaks out and throws up a flag, I’m only talking about churches in my area, SW Virginia. Also, I never said all of them were like that, but it’s beginning to be a fad. It was this sort of thing that led me out of Protestantism.

Have you noticed this where you live? It does seem like more and more of a common occurrence.

In Pax Christi


Dont know if your a girl or guy but you may (probably more if your a gal) but a fiction book the first ones called “Flabbergasted” the second is “A Delirious Summer” by Ray Blackston.

Hes a missionary (not catholic) and writes these books on exactly the topic you said, church hopping and general life of people. Its fiction but I think its based on his personal experiences. Anyway its fun and honest, and looks at the subject brings it out in the open and makes a bit of sense of it all. You may enjoy it. :smiley:


I’m in North Alabama and you hit the proverbial nail on the head. Church hopping due to music or personality of pastor, etc. is very common here.

I do think that happens with Catholics as well as Protestants though. I live within 25 miles of probably 7 parishes, which is surprising for the “Bible belt” to have so many in a such a small radius, but I’ve even been semi-guilty of this since coming home to the church. I’ve since settled down and just stay with the parish I’m a member of.


It’s funny how here in one of the most anti-Catholic(out of ignorance) areas of the country, we have so many parishes. Also, EWTN broadcasts from a smaller town in Alabama called Irondale which still amazes me every time I watch it.


We just drove to Floridia and back west. I was amazed at how many churches are that way.

you should get the book, you would probably "get it " better.

but it is a “chick book”:slight_smile:


Very astute observation. In evangelicalism the central event is the sermon. In catholicism it is Communion. One depends heavily on who’s doing it. The other depends directly on what Christ did and is independent of the priest performing it.

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