Church outrage over Madonna gig

Madonna fans are being urged to stay away from her forthcoming Sticky and Sweet tour date in Bulgaria by the country’s Orthodox Church. Church of Bulgaria officials have accused the star of showing a “lack of respect” for church rituals. They expressed their “disapproval and disagreement” with her planned show this Saturday in the Bulgarian capital. The concert, at Sofia’s Vasil Levski Stadium, is expected to be attended by about 50,000 people. Saturday is also a day of lent for Orthodox Christians marking the beheading of John the Baptist.

**Moral values
A statement from the Church accused Madonna of displaying “a disrespectful and intolerant attitude” to the religious feelings of Christians on her ongoing tour. “We express our Christian support and approval for the art of singing, which influences the moral development of people and promotes universal moral values,” it said. “In some of her choreography and stage scenarios, this singer sends impressive messages which, however, run contrary to Christian morality.” Madonna will arrive in Sofia following a concert in neighbouring Romania, on Wednesday. Almost all tickets - costing up to 150 leva (£67) - have already been sold, organisers said. It will be one of the largest gigs ever organised in Sofia.

Unfortunately, I think most people will ignore the Church and pay homage to this icon of immorality.:frowning:

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