Church, Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund lead 100 charities in major anti-hunger campaign

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia of Glasgow has led Scottish Christian leaders in backing a mammoth new charity campaign to end world hunger. The Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign highlights that hunger and malnutrition in childhood will trap almost a billion young people in poverty by 2025 if nothing is done. More than 100 UK charities and faith groups are backing the initiative, including the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF), and the Catholic bishops of Scotland.

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First these people need to educate themselves to a reality, world hunger is greater today than past history.
Not that the food doesnt exist, but that people have to be able to pay for it, to reward the fruits of the labor of those that raise it. The food exists, distribution is the issue,. and that issue has to recognize, a great profit mecca is, the food distribution and processing industry of the world, that a few dominate, reaps huge profits for those that control it, and the governments of such…

The Mafias of profit around the world often lend money to poor nations to raise food, and in reality the people have no way of paying off the loans, for their land is seized, and hoarded by the Mafias of profit. Its good to recognize the saying of the South Ameicans that they once had the land, and the Chrisians came with the Bibles. Now the natives have the Bibles, and the Chrisians control the land.

The US has huge resources to raise food, but the Government dictates that the land should be used to raise grain for fuel. and at the same time, grain prices are held down to secure cheap food for the people, so they have money to spend on luxury items.
and combined with the US is now a major food importing nation to secure food of low quality to feed the people, while it often exports hight quality food to sell for profit.

A huge profit avenue for the import/export industry, the trading of high quality to sell out into the world for a few, while bring in cheap foods from poor countries raised by slave labor to feed the people cheaply.

at the same time, tax laws that enable a few to emass the wealth of the nation, Land, while promoting the immigration of workers from places like south america, Mexico to work in the prosessing plants at cheap slave wages, to keep food prices down, and profits for the industry…

currently grains stocks in the world are lower than ever in history, yet production costs for raising food are skyrocketing. which needs to be recognized, those that toil to secure, raise and work in the systems, need to be able to work and recognize a fair wage for their fruits of labor. but that, is ignored by so many in the focus of what is happening today.

and weather issue, due to natural changes in the climate are now a factor as well.
often resources are exploited in the systems of water used for irrigation to enhance yeilds, but these systems deplete resources like water, use chemicals to control undesirable plants, and heavy fertilizers to enhance profits for a short term

People today have a focus that starvation is merely wiped out by feeding people, but they fail to address that the food distribution systems are ran has profit systems that make large profits for a few people, with those that toil to do the work often are payed substandard wages to keep the food costs down, and to enhance the profits of those that run the distribution and profits systems.

Supply isnot the issue, the distribution of profits and of the wealth for raising food is the issue. A few are getting rich, the rest are made mere slaves for working to feed the world is the problem.

All these welll to do need to go to or study places like Haiti, and look at the effects of the French in their pilfering of a land to hoard wealth for a few. Then to recognize, that is what they want for the world today in the feeding of the hungry, in todays systems of socialsim that exist.

what is existing today is what has always existed, the lending of money to people, to hoard u p the wealth, the land. by people who are under no obligation to feed the people, but to hoard more wealth. the real todays end result, that wiped out the American dream…

its of a simple mind to think merely feeding people for a day is going to solve any problem, for the hoarding of weatlth by the laws of property needs to be understood first, the emassing of wealth, the land that develpes the aristocratic society that makes for revolutions of the poor is what is coming. Haiti was the leason, nobody wants to recognize, nor learn from, and that is ignorance in action… to make mistakes is human, but to keep making them, is ignorance.

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