Church Security & Legally Armed Parishioners

I hope you’re being facetious - but i doubt it.

I find it terrifying that people are discussing this in the context of a church getting shot up. Maybe I’ll start a thread: of your church was getting shot up during mass, and you could stop the shooter using violence, would you? Or would you smile, pray, and happily be a victim? Sadly some would be the latter.

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No, Jesus knew what was going on there before they were even born. To have a shootout in a church with someone is disastrous. Also if you are taking a gun to Mass then you are planning to kill.

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Sorry, Gripper, I respectfully think you are 100% wrong. A shootout in Church is “disastrous?” Tell that to the churchgoers whose lives were saved in Texas when one of their congregation shot a gunman who had opened fire during a service. A shootout implies someone else fired the first shot - and virtually everyone will want an armed congregant near them when a nutcase starts shooting in a mass. Being Catholic need not equal “cowardly
In the face of mortal danger,” which “if I have to die, it’d be great to die in a church shooting” looks disturbingly like.


Not necessarily. To take a gun to Mass is to prepare for a terrible occasion. We prepare for occasions not because they will definitely happen, but because of the possibility that something may happen.

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Most mass shootings have not occurred in “unsafe neighborhoods.”


“Also if you are taking a gun to Mass then you are planning to kill.”

What utter, shameful nonsense, labeling every legal ccw holder as a wanna be killer.


They’ll come along afterward and take a full report. Because that’s all they can do

So what?
We are talking about how safe someone feels.
My opinion stands.
If you really feel so unsafe that you have to carry most places, it is time to move on.

And I humbly submit I need not fear because I’m always prepared for the worst but praying for the best. Same for my wife cause she has me. We do not live in fear bc I’m always ready to respond properly and legally to any threat to either of us.

Um no, I drop her off at the entrance n pick her up after her shift. Again, that began because I wanted more time with her, so 15 mins there, 15 back gives me another half hr per day. I’m 50, retired e.pty nester I get lonely ok? As for our neighborhood, it’s almost all ppl just like us, but mostly older, not high crime area-I still remain prepared coz it’s a lighter target for break-ins etc., exception being when I’m home…
And FYI, I clean my firearms in plain view of whomever whilst sitting on our front patio. Have never witnessed crime near us.
I dont get y it’s so very difficult for folks to comprehend a man being ready and capable of defending himself and his family. It’s my duty. Doggone.

K, agree, basic rule there, dont aim at anythingbor anyone you dont wish to shoot.

I carry a 1911 in 45ACP RH IWB, and a Sig P365XL 9mm LH OWB, spare mag for each. Yes, I am an ambi shooter. Carry each for same reason - rather have n not need than need n not have.

I’ve unofficial permission from head priest to carry, dmso no, I’ll protect myself and others if need be. If not, I’ll simply be covering everyone’s 6 for safety.

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So which is it?

Actually, believing and trusting in the grace and mercy of God and not living in fear of someone killing you sounds like the definition of courage to me. At the very least, it sounds like a better way to live. I live in a community that actually does have a lot of gun violence, but I still don’t want to go around terrified to go normal places unless I can have a gun.


OK I heard this and it makes very real sense. Soft targets (schools, churches, etc) are mostly places that have a gun free zone. So those are the places people who want to use guns and harm as many people as possible without getting any fire back go to. Sad but true. Now I have never owned or fired a gun in my life except maybe a “BB gun” when younger. I won’t own or carry a gun just for personal reasons. But I have NO problem what so ever if responsible, well trained, non criminal people pack and carry any where. If they have been trained and are responsible to handle their gun safely and only use if absolutely necessary I have NO problems with that. Now I find it truly sad that such a good responsible person would need to carry a gun into Church. It’s not what I would want to be the normal but if it has to be for the protection of innocent people than I have no problem with it and only being used when absolutely necessary. I am like many if it’s my time to go at Mass it’s God’s will. But so many innocent lives, possibly saved by one responsible person.


I don’t believe that whenever or wherever you die is God’s will. God gave us a brain and a free will.
I would not stand in front of a train and let it hit me to see if it was God’s will that I got hurt or not.

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Move on? To where?

That was my question. If you are doing concealed carry then it is concealed. Unlike a bar or concert or courthouse or airport, you don’t get frisked or go through a metal detector when you walk in the door, so how is anyone at church going to know if you’re concealed carrying or not? I also doubt very much the pastor, unlike a bartender or bouncer, is trying to see who might be concealed carrying so he can throw them out of church or call the police on them.

I would think anyone who felt very, very strongly about concealed carrying in church - and that includes people who might have a very good reason to do so, such as they have been repeatedly threatened by some violent person in their life and the police have advised them to take self-protective steps - would just do it and not make a big deal out of it.

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I hope you’re not comparing going around without a firearm in a safe neighborhood to standing in front of a train. The latter is almost guaranteed to result in serious injury or death. The former is likely to result in nothing at all happening to you.

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Well, these days the handwringing “progressives” call that toxic masculinity. Imagine, taking positive measures to protect your family!

As if anywhere is really “safe” anymore.
Wait-- gun free zones are “safe,” aren’t they?

Responsible gun owners aren’t terrified. They’re calm and peacable.


Someplace safer.

Living in constant fear of a shooting is not normal.

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