Church sign blasts Islam

A Florida church is under fire for posting a sign that reads “Islam is of the devil.” WCJB reports.

Fatwas here we come !

I find that distasteful myself, but they should be able to state their opinion.

That doesn’t seem like a Christian approach. But, I must say, how is it any more evil than muslims decrying America as the great Satan???

How is comparing one evil against another the “Christian approach”?

If it is Truth, then, by definition, stating it cannot be evil. To do otherwise would be a lie of ommission.

The question for discussion would then be, was Mohammed influenced by the Devil when he created Islam, or is the Devil simply very glad Islam exists as it leads millions away from the worship of the Divine Trinity as revealed by God ?

Allah is the Animist moon god. Muslims and Christians do not worship the same god at all.

I don’t see how its helpful to anyone to put up that sign. Do they expect to convert muslims with it?

Is it possible that Mohammed isn’t exactly the devil, but the beast / false prophet in revelation?

It’s helpful to the church because it gets their name out through news coverage, which may in turn lead more people to their flock. Marketing with such an antagonistic message would not be my choice for finding good recruits, but different strokes…

That’s not true. Don’t fall for the Jack Chick-esque nonsense that people like to throw around; the Church has repeatedly stated the opposite position from you.

It is true. Years ago in order to decide for my self I studied the issue on my own. Something more people should do.

Gee, and since you studied it on your own, it must be a better answer than 2000 bishops gathering together in Rome came up with? Is that your logic?

(Sorry, just trying to make a point!)

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It’s helpful to the church because it gets their name out through news coverage

The Church does not need a poster of any kind to be the target of the media. The Church gets Her name through the news coverage every minute, to discredit Her because She always speaks the Truth without reserves.

Marketing with such an antagonistic message would not be my choice for finding good recruits, but different strokes…

I agree! Everyone, you and I were created in the image and likeness of God therefore, no one has the right to degrade another human being under any circumstances. Catholics suppose to convert hearts with their own example and "preach when it is needed."
**St. Francis of Assisi conquered the hearts of his brother Muslims with his humility alone.

The United Sates Conference of Catholic Bishops donated more than $1 Million to ACORN before someone pointed out what a bunch of liars that organization is.

Sorry, Neil, just because a whole lot of Catholic Bishops got together and decided on something that is not directly related to faith and morals doesn’t mean much.

Ever heard of an ecumenical council? :rolleyes:

It’s just a sign. Whether it’s ill advised or not, freedom of speech is the issue. He may yet put out a “Catholicism is of the devil” sign, but it’s still freedom of speech.

  1. The USCCB, which sends money out to all sorts of different organizations in vast amounts, slipping up and sending money to ACORN, is very different than a council of the whole church making a statement of great theological import.

  2. Whether or not Muslims are worshipping the God of Abraham isn’t just directly related to faith and morals, it is a matter of faith and morals, directly.

You mean like the Council of Vienne, where Pope Clement V authorized torture? Yeah, I’ve heard of them.

Neil, I’m as Catholic as most Catholics. In fact, I’m probably more so; I actually think abortion is a mortal sin.

Why is the Catholic Church going out of its way to defend Islam? I wonder if politics are involved? I wonder if Islam wasn’t pitching a 1400 year temper tantrum, would the Church even notice?

Oh, by-the-way, Pope Clement V authorized torture as a direct result of 800 years of brutal occupation by Islam, something the modern Western mind cannot even comprehend. Let me repeat that, 800 years of brutal occupation by Islam. That’s longer than most of us live!

OK, I’ll stop now.

Whose faith, and whose morals?

Well I think it’s high time that us Christians fight back against the Muslim evil and their leader, Soetoro. Good to hear that we are beginning to fight back.

I think that Congress should outlaw Islam, and if you are convicted of practicing it, you will be put to death. Everyone wins! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Faith and morals. That’s where the Church is infallible. You know, theology is sort of their specialty…

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