Church-State Separation Group Seeks Removal of ‘Religious’ Veterans Memorial

KNOXVILLE, Iowa — A prominent church-state separation group is seeking the removal of a veteran’s memorial in Iowa because it considers the cross grave marker included in the display to render the memorial religious.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) recently sent a letter to officials with the Iowa Department of Parks and Recreation to assert that the memorial, which is displayed in a Knoxville area park, after it said that it received a complaint about the monument presence on government property.

The display features the silhouette of a soldier bending down on one knee before a cross-shaped grave marker, and was reportedly placed in Young’s Park by a local veteran. The individual had not sought permission from the city, but the city saw no issue with the memorial since it was understood to honor veterans.

I wonder when this outfit of professional suit-happy fake-outraged litigators will go after the crosses on veterans’ gravestones in national cemeteries.

These activists gripe about the most inconsequential things. Seriously, why should they care?

Then these same people tell Catholic groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor that they can’t have their exemption, which puts the sisters in grave danger of violating their consciences.

And WE’RE the intolerant ones!?

When, oh when, will “the People” stand up & say ENOUGH??!! And when will the People understand that “separation of church & state” is NOT the law of the land?? :mad:

But they are not REALLY separating the church from the state: Their RELIGION, be it Atheism or Secular Humanism, is what drives them to remove Christian symbols (which neither compel or coerce ANYONE to believe, or to do Anything). THEY are actually trying to Establish a religion, in the State’s name! When are we going to fight them on That basis!

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