Church Tax exemption


This was posted on another thread back in the Water Cooler.

[quote=Ghostgirl]Isn’t the Church supposed to stay out of politics? I hope they lose their tax exemption for this.

Granted the girl was refering to Canada but, I was wondering if these rules applied in the U.S.? And if so Why? Thanks and God bless.


Depends on what the organization does. They cannot campaign for someone, but they can try to influence.

For example:

Under the Internal Revenue Code, tax-exempt organizations are allowed to try to influence the nomination or confirmation of a potential justice to the federal court, including the Supreme Court. However, the rules on such lobbying vary, depending on the section of the Code under which the exempt organization operates.

Section 527 political organizations. Unlimited lobbying to influence Senate confirmation of judicial appointments by section 527 organizations is permitted. Under the Code, exempt function activity for political organizations includes expenditures for the purpose of influencing the appointment of an individual to public office.

501©(3) charitable, etc., organizations. Limited lobbying to influence Senate confirmation of judicial appointments is permitted.

More here:,id=141372,00.html


Another thing, the law is kind of loose on the subject, but someone can pass out “voter guides” on church grounds under the first amendment. Depending on whether or not how connected the person is with the said church, it can get into murky water. I think it’s a load of garbage that the church can’t get involved in politics and that the IRS code is probably violating the first amendment. However, I am torn on the issue and I feel that the church should be able to campaign for specific topics and what to look for in a voter. If the church had the power to campaign for or against a specific person, it could end up scandalizing the other person’s faith as well.


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