Church teaching on OTHER THINGS gay people do


I have whole lot of LGBT people in my school (I don’t really support the use of the label but it’s quite convenient) and it got me thinking…What exactly does the Church teach on OHER THINGS LGBT people do? Basically…I understand that homosexual intercourse is immoral and a sin but what about other things? For example, alot of my LGBT classmates talk in a flamboyant way like very girly girls. They also have this culture of very flamboyant feminine things like makeup, modeling etc. that they are interested in. Is that sin? Also, what about chaste unmarried gay relationships? Chaste Gay relationships as in they kiss one another and show affection to one another but they don’t have sex. What does the Church say about these things?


Didn’t you say, on another topic, that you’re attending Catholic school?


I don’t think there are any teachings specifically on this, as this is something new indeed.

When I was a kid in the early 1970’s in school, we didn’t have any openly homosexual kids in school, much less “lots” who are sashaying around flamboyantly.

I can’t see anything good from this at all.


What’s going on. You are at a Catholic high school.

Are these threads about one person who thinks he is homosexual?

Perhaps that person should speak to his school counsellor


If there are lots of flamboyant homosexual students in a Catholic high school, there is a real problem there. The headmaster of the school needs to take action here, that’s not a spiritually healthy environment.


There’s no teaching because ours is a universal church and what’s considered appropriate masculine/feminine behavior is a product of social norms rather than universal truth. I’d say whether it’s a sin depends on the intention.


I think this and the other thread are really

I have a friend who xyz…what should he do… and that friend is…( one guess)

And we could probably give better advice if looking at things that way

For example,

Morality is the same whether gay or straight. Chastity is the same whether gay or straight, lustful thoughts and entertaining them the same.

No sex outside marriage, and marriage is between a man and a woman. All singles are called to chastity.

Any activity is to be moral. Males wear makeup on camera in the media and males model.
Don’t exaggerate the girly girl. That’s a falsehood.

That Type of advice.

And speak to your school counsellor


When they talk like that, it just bothers me and I hope I don’t sound like.


Men need to dress like men and act like men. Women need to dress like women and act like women. We are living in the ruins of Western civilization, where the natural order is being rejected by society as a whole. Men and women are different, biologically and psychologically, and they were created to fulfill different roles, whether in the family or in society. This is not discrimination, but simply accepting the natural order according to the beautiful design of our Creator.


It’s not entirely socially constructed–hormone levels and such drive a good chunk of our behavior–but a lot of what was considered masculine or feminine varies from society to society. Ancient Greeks considered women inferior because they constantly wanted sex, unlike the cold, rational man. Whether and for who makeup is acceptable for has also varied, and we would consider 18th century men’s fashions effete.

Masculinity and femininity are real but how they’re expressed? Social construct.


But what has any of that got to do with clothes?


I know a guy who’s like this and I can’t help but think there is some sort of mental disorder there, he’s also very aggressive. I hate to say this but some people don’t really know any better.

Well there’s nothing wrong with two members of the same sex showing affection for each other but I would considering kissing a bit too far. That’s meant to lead to a sexual act. Though I guess
in some cultures it’s common to kiss each other on the cheek to greet. Not sure if any practice on the lips, I could be wrong.

We all need healthy relationships with both sexes, some elements of relationships may be good but others may be bad. Wanting a close friend of the same sex is probably an objectively good thing, but sexualizing that is bad. Some people associated with LGBT are way too sex obsessed, just a series of hookups, that’s bad. Others may be in more committed relationships but it’s the romanticizing/sexualizing of it that needs to be avoided. Caring for a close friend is fine, I feel like a lot of people lack close relationships. We’re social creatures and need those. A real friend is such a blessing.


But it’s not sinful not to conform to social norms


I was just mentioning it as part of a larger issue.


I would say that deliberately contradicting them with the intent to shock or transgress is definitely a sin, which is 98% of what’s going on here I’ll wager. I just wanted to caution against judging men with traditionally feminine interests or mannerisms.


Ok, so I’m a male, I experience SSA. As far as cultural norms or stereotypes go I take it a lot of men are into sports, I guess some women are too. As for me, I never really liked them or had any interest in them. Was in band for HS, had to goto football games. Absolutely hated it, had no interests in it at all. So many of my peers are obsessed with football, soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. They’ll make fantasy teams and argue about stuff and I’m like “This is childish, who cares?”. Too me it just contributes to violence/conflict and is a ploy to make billions. People goto bars and watch a game and spend money on alcohol and then get drunk and sexual assault and other things happen. I want no part of that at all, leave me out.

I really went on a rant there but does that make me less of a man if I don’t enjoy sports or outdoors? What if I don’t like grilling or drinking? What if I prefer to do more traditional female things? Cook inside, sew, care for a child? Does that make me less of a guy? There are females into sports, hunting, outdoors, and who work too. These stereotypes frustrate me to no end. It’s like the guy is supposed to provide for family and wife is supposed to be stay at home mom and anything other than that is wrong?? I feel like most families I know both parents work.


I am a married man with a newborn. I hate sports. But I LOVE to cook, take care of children, read, do art, dress nice, sip tea and talk about the deep things of Life with my friends. I prefer wine over beer. I don’t care much for trucks and vehicles. I do like to grill because I just like to cook!

I am no more less of a man than you are. What makes you a man is how much your life aligns with the Man of all Men. His name is Jesus.


There’s a difference between looking like a sinner and sinning. No. It’s not sinful. It’ll never be sinful


Conforming to stereotypes and gender norms for the sake of conformity can also be problematic too


Confused about the point of this thread.

All of those things, if objectively and inherently sinful, would be so for heterosexual people, too.

So, as with many things when it comes to Catholic morality, circumstance and intention are key. Some things are intrinsically immoral in Catholic thought, like sex outside of marriage, or sex that is not open to life.

But other things depend on context. Applying makeup to oneself is not wrong in itself, for example.

But I worry questions like these will spin the thread in a bad direction, as it goes along with the old accusation that the Church thinks about gay people all the time.

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