Church to out ex-member's 'sexually immoral relationship'

I’m in a mood to strangle a few of that woman’s “fellow” church goers…
Any other opinions?
I realize the church is very conservative… but still…

PS: to somebody who posted below, this did not happen to me, it’s an article I found, lol.

Church to out ex-member’s ‘sexually immoral relationship’

*The Jacksonville church informed Hancock, 49, this month it will make her “sexually immoral relationship” with her boyfriend public at that service.
Hancock, who is divorced, said she left the church in October because members confronted her over it. On Wednesday, she also sent the church a letter officially resigning - hoping to stop the action so her children, who attend services there, would not have to face her embarrassment.

“We explain this process of loving accountability when they become members, and we are doing nothing more than following the practices of what biblical churches have done through history,” Christmas said. “It is a mission of restoration and it is done in a spirit of love and grace.”

**Just before the divorce was finalized a few ***months ago, she began dating a man and confided to a woman at church who she went to for “guidance, assistance and counsel.” But that woman told church officials, Hancock said.

One Sunday in October, her confidant hugged her and led her to a meeting with some of the church’s female members.
“They all went after me,” Hancock said. “It was so devastating. … I thought the people who cared for me were in this room.”

“Our love for you compels us to pursue that which is best for you,” the letter starts. Stating she is “involved in a sexually immoral relationship with a man who is not your husband,” it adds that such behavior can be repented and forgiven by God.
But because Hancock rebuffed efforts by church elders to resolve the issue, the letters states, “you leave us with no other choice but to carry out the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ” - namely “tell it to the church” - on Jan. 4.
Hancock’s boyfriend, Frank Young, said church members have been “vicious” to a “really good woman.”

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I am very sorry that, that happened to you. If you felt so inclined you could go to the Church on January 4th and state that those who have not sinned can cast stones at you.

   I lived with my present wife while she went through her divorce.  I lived with my present wife until she received her annulment, 4 years later.  Only the pastor knew our details and we weren't asked to walk around with a large red A on our backs.

    If you really want to get them, pray for them.  Have a Mass said for all those that persecute you and God will give you His grace in abundance.

Understand that this church is doing this to you out of love. You should not have dated that woman while she was still married. You and her could perhaps go back to your parish and confess what you did and ask forgiveness?

If it wasn’t so cold out, they could publicly humiliate you in other ways. Ask if you could be dunked or placed in stocks to set an example before the entire congregation.

Maybe there is a reason for anonymous confession, since really the state of your soul is between God and yourself.:wink:

“Understand that this church is doing this to you out of love.”

That’s one interpretation. Maybe she should be buried up to her neck and then stoned. They love her so much. They know what’s best for her. She can confess her sins and meet Peter at the gates with a clean soul.

I believe their are limits and boundries that must be respected. This clearly exceeds. She has already left the church. Any actions by the church beyond that are criminal.

This is not at a Catholic Church. This situation is not something that would be approved of by Holy Mother Church.

Individuals many times take matters that are not their business into their own hands.:mad:

Huh :confused: why do half of the posters think this is about me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well, yeah I’m pretty sure this is not a Catholic Church, I’m not certain which denomination though.

I can understand not wanting it said at the church service, but why be quoted for a news article about it?

It is more than a little strange that she would go to the national media about this whole thing. If she is so worried about the situation being publicized, then she has done the worst thing she could possibly do by getting her name and face all over the national (and maybe international) media. So now the congregation knows and so do millions of others.

Sadly, the whole scandal of the congregation’s reaction masks the real tragedy. If she is actually having an unrepentant sexual relationship outside of marriage, then her soul and spiritual well-being are in danger. I hope that she will come to realize this despite the congregation’s wrongful treatment of her.

  1. From what I read they pleaded with the church not to do this, they will anyway, so it will become public anyway.
  2. To show discontent with the actions of the church?

See…there are different levels of public, though.

If she had just let things go their course and it had been announced in her church, how many people would know? Probably the congregation and a limited number of people outside of it.

As things are, however, I first learned about it on the front page of the Fox News website, where there was a large picture of her. That is a whole lot more public.

lol well it IS Fox :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I think a lot of less conservative people will not actually judge her on this relationship, but will look negative upon the, from my point, cruel & intrucive, actions of the church.

Perhaps she went to the press because there are other, personal details that the pastor of the church knew that she didn’t want aired in public, and felt the best way to head him off was to go public with a generalized version.

I think this is true. Co-habitation has practically become the norm for young people before marriage so most people know at least one person in a religiously irregular relationship. I think the average person is going to be much more stunned by the behaviour of this church.

Knowing nothing more than this story, I think this lady is pretty neat. She is getting her story out there, and giving fair warning to anyone who was contemplating this church as a spiritual home.

Furthermore, from the story, she has already been married, has kids; so it’s not like she will be losing her virginity in this “immoral” relationship.

I think this might reach further then her local congregation now.

It appears that her main concern was her children, who attend the church, finding out through the church announcement and being embarrassed. National news coverage concerning the matter would be slightly more embarrassing to me :o

And yes, this is one way of showing her discontent, and somewhat effective I suppose. People who never heard of her or her church know now to say the least.

Though, it would somewhat seem that her concern is not over the church outing her living arrangement, but declaring it as sinful.

I do think the church’s planned action (which it hasn’t taken) and her own response are a bit over the top and not really newsworthy.

I would think the “church” would be concerned about libel issues. They need to ponder the story of the woman caught in adultery.

Good grief.
If they don’t like the policy of public announcement of sins, why did they go to that church?!?!?
The church has a right to inform people if there’s a family-wrecker in their midst. If people don’t like the policy, let them find a new church and stop whining.

Family wrecker? Where did you get that conclusion from?

Apparently the leaders of that church don’t know that several churches have been successfully sued for this sort of thing!

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