Church v. Trump on Women

I am still trying to wrap my head how it’s possible to be Catholic and an overt supporter of (vs. perhaps a reluctant voter for) Donald Trump. Specifically, I’m wondering how it is possible for any practicing Catholic to reconcile Donald Trump’s view on women with our Church’s, as best articulated by the late Pope John Paul II.

Women are made in the image and likeness of God. Donald Trump objectifies them. Our Church elevates them. Both of these attitudes apply to your mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters. Are these two positions possible to reconcile?


Rut roh Shaggy! Someone said something negative about Trump Almighty. This will get interesting.


Pandora’s box, here we come.


Fake news! Fake news!

What about quotes from Clinton?! Fake news!


Am hoping that I never come to understand how any Catholic or other Christian could support and vote for anyone who consistently promotes the legal murder of helpless human babies in abortion. And the only women I’ve known to complain about how our president treats women are liberal feminists who do support and promote killing God’s most innocent and helpless human beings.


So nice to see a thread that will spread love and harmony on this forum… :roll_eyes:


This is about politics and is partisan. It is being posted in the wrong place.


The election is nearly two years old at this point and Hannity on Fox still regularly talks about Hillary.

Fox is no longer a reputable news source (or at least AS reputable as it was in the aughts). It’s purely, objectively, undeniably a right-wing echo chamber.

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In answer to the question posed by the OP. I can’t reconcile that at all.

I’m not directing this specifically at the OP, but it’s as if Donald Trump is the only politician to objectify women. How could anyone have supported Ted Kennedy with his womanizing? What about Bill Clinton and an intern? The pearl clutching now is just kind of odd to me.


Whoever you vote for it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other.

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I am part of the reluctant voter crowd and agree with you. Trump seems to be doing the main thing I hoped he would do – nominating people to the Supreme Court who are less likely to further infringe on religious freedom and the right to life than the sort of judges I think Clinton would have nominated. He’s also generally less of a socialist. But I have no problem saying that his objectification of women is disgusting.


Nor can I. In any case, the pro-Trump Catholics (and, more so, Evangelicals) have latched onto a tar baby that they’ll never be able to pull themselves loose from. They will wear that label like an albatross until the day they die.


I don’t support his history with women, I support his deregulation campaign, Supreme Court picks, and pro-life policy. I didn’t get to vote in the first election, but if he keeps doing what he’s doing, I’ll vote for him in a heartbeat.


The women of the Susan B Anthony List have your answer…

Happy Birthday to the most #ProLife president in history, @POTUS Donald J. Trump!!

We’re so thankful your administration has taken strong leadership to ensure every American has the right to enjoy their FIRST birthday!!


What i find odd are the pearl clutchers of yesterday are playing the libertines of today.

When the Democrats point out immorality on the part of your candidate, there’s a serious, serious problem.

Voters don’t have to agree with all of a candidate’s stances or actions to “overtly support” them. Voters might be very passionate about another issue. As far as I’ve ever experienced, I haven’t met any “overt supporters” of Trump in real life who claim that he is sinless, has never done any wrong, or is 100% correct in all of his stances. But they support him for what they do agree with him on.

I don’t get how this is so hard to understand.


More pro-life than the president who signed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act and the Unborn Victims of Violence Act? More pro-life than the president who wrote a whole book decrying abortion?

If we looked at the morality of each of our presidents, I doubt we’d find many that didn’t have personal issues. I’m more interested in what they do as President. So far President Trump has done very well.


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