Church vs. Bible College?


Talking to my friend and i touched on how Protestants follow the interpretation of a Pastor who has studied the Bible in and out for many years at a “Bible College” (the quotes are not meant to convey disrespect, just that I do not know what these places are officially called, divinity schools perhaps?). In the end they follow the interpretation of a single man. Then I talked about how it is the Church who interprets for us and that the Church has the authority to interpret Scripture because it decided it (NT wise anyway).

She hit me with “aren’t all the officials in your Church men? So then you too follow the interpretation of men, except you just have a lot of them who have to agree on something before they present it to you.”

Usually after talk about that the other guy tried to reinforce SS so this threw me off.

Any suggestions?

FYI I am not a pro apologist…I taught confirmation and I used some basic apologist books as part of lessons but have not engaged in full apologetics IE Tim Staples yet.



Tell her,

Yes, the officials of the Church are men. Bishops successors of the Apostles. Jesus appointed his Peter as his Pope, and his Apostles to oversea the Church. When the Apostles die, they handed their authority to the bishops and the Pope.

Then you hit them with this question. "Where is it in the Bible that you ought to interpret the Bible by yourself? Does Scripture say, ‘There are some things in them hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other scriptures.’ 2 Peter 3:16

Since 1517, you Protestants have broken into different Churches with varies doctrines. Yet, Paul taught that the teachings we received from him should be not be any different doctrine.

Some of your Church recognized real presence in Holy Communion. Some recognized the necessary of baptism? Where is Alter Calls in the Bible? Did Jesus say he will remain faith to his believers, even if our leaders sin? Where does it say in the Bible that the he will leave his Church if they taught error? You might say, its apostacy, the Church fell into apostacy. Then you can reply, Jesus promise Spirit of Truth, and that he will remain with us until the end of time. He also promise the gates of hell shall not prevail against it? Whose word do you go against? Christ original Church, the Catholic Church? Or man-made religion of Protestantism?


Within the Catholic Church you get one Creed, and one doctrine of faith or dogma of the Church. Now when you get into the individual teachings of course they will vary,but through our hiarchy of the preisthood we have something more solid to fall back on which is our creed and one doctrine of faith.

When one goes to a non denominational or bible church who pulls the minister back to the roots of the faith, creed, dcotrine of faith?

The southern baptist minister has their southern baptist convention to fall back on and so forth when you take a close look at each denomination, but within each of these faiths you have a starting point, after Christ started by a man for a particular reason.

Only the Catholic Church can prove that they are the one true church set up by Jesus Christ and given the same authority as the father gave the son. This is biblical and it is up to the individual to accept this or deny this.

I hope I answered your question.


So something along the lines of “our guys have a lineage directly to Chirst in history.” Our Magesterium draws it’s authority through the one true Church that can be historically traced back.


Yes, it traces back to Peter, the first Apostles. This cite give Scripture Reference for the support of Catholic doctrine and dogmas.


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