Church Wants to Reassign Mexico Activist Priest

A crusading Roman Catholic priest who has defied drug cartels and corrupt police to protect Central American migrants said Wednesday that church authorities are trying to smother his activist work with migrants by assigning him to parish duties.


For all of the good this priest has done, he has gotten nationwide publicity and, unfortunately, it seems that it has affected his ego to the extent that he has lost his sense of humility and has forgotten his vow of obedience to his Bishop.
It is unfortunate that many priests who get a lot of publicity in the mass media, often let it go to their head and it adversely affects their priestly duties.

George is right. This is an issue of pride on part of the Priest. He is a Priest first and an activist second. I hope he remembers that soon and returns to doing what Christ called Him to do.

The spirit of liberation theology seems to live on. Time to go before the Blessed Sacrament and pray for Priests, and religious, and…

I fail to see why the church can’t assign him wherever they think he’s needed. Isn’t that what he promised when he was ordained?

There seems to be only one little problem with promises.

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