does watching church on tv. count even though you feel like you’re getting better.:slight_smile:


What does “watching church on tv” mean?
Getting better from what?
Are you a Catholic?


While you may find watching Church on TV edifying, it does not fulfill your Sunday obligation.


Getting better? If you are ill, then the obligation to attend Mass in person is suspended until you are able to attend. If you are not ill, watching Mass on TV does not fulfill the obligation.


Only you can really judge whether you were well enough to attend Mass in person.

If you have any doubts (as I did last week) then simply go to Confession as soon as you can. You may not have committed a mortal sin but it’s better to cover your bases anyway, eh?


i have a brain diorder.i don’t feel well enough to go ro church what yall are saying is wait till im ready.this kind of illness does count for missing mass?right?i think im watching on tv.for now.yes i am catholic.:stuck_out_tongue:


I enjoy listening to mass on EWTN radio on my computer while I’m working every day.

I know it is not fulfilling a Sunday obligation & I don’t intend to replace it with televised mass, but it really helps me through my day. As a matter of fact I keep EWTN radio on all day streaming through our local Catholic station (WSPN-Indianapolis).:thumbsup:



You are right: if you are sick, you do not need to attend mass. Under these circumstances, watching church on TV will probably be quite uplifting for you. It does not replace the Sunday obligation, but since you are sick you are not under the Sunday obligation anyway.

Does your priest know that you are sick and does somebody bring communion to you? That is something you won’t get from a televised Mass.

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#9 preist dosen’t know.i went to one preist to talk him about my problems.i told him i was paranoid sz.he sent me to a counselor.she wanted to puy me parents already did that at the time, and i was on not sure this preist wouldn’t do the same.refer me to counseling.they wouldn’t give me communion.that’s for sure,you know why i say that,because they used to give my grandmother communion.she has an apartment connected to our house.anyway when they gave her commuion,i asked them if i could recieve conmmunion.i think i told him i wa ill.he said no,because i haven’t been to church in a while.


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