Churches and hoods in Philly


My DH is considering a job in Philly. I know nothing about Philly. Can you advise me on liturgically sound churches with Moms Groups, 24 adoration etc? We can’t afford a house but we’re hoping to rent a tiny one with a nice yard for our small family. We’ve been directed to Bucks County, MontCo and zips 19115/16. Thanks!


**We live in bucks county area and i enjoy it…housing is expensive even at rental prices but i guess it depends on what your price range is:)

I would say housing rentals start at 1000-1500…as for conservative churches we go to Sacred Heart in Perkasie, i would say litergically sound but not the best with music…(mostly because of the choir director who had some kind of throat cancer and her voice isn’t very good anymore but people don’t want to tell her that…)

We used to live in Bethlehem and i absolutely loved it!!!Are you looking at actually living in the city or outside of it? Make sure if you are looking in Philly to remember they have a wage tax (i think its called that, or at least they used to)

PM me if i can help out with any other questions:) My DH is in bed but i’ll ask him about the churches (he grew up around here, i am from texas:) **


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