Churches in Asia?

Since Latin was the official language of the Church during pre-Vatican II, so what about those countries in Asia which has no connection with Latin whatsoever (Western countries like Spain or France and their languages all connected to Latin, thus it is easier to perform mass)? Did they perform Mass in their vernacular languages? What about the customs? Doesn’t it seem as if the Churches in Asia are way too Western for their cultures and ethnicity?

maybe a search on google would answer about the latin thing…

i guess its more westernised to distinguish between catholicism and their own spirit/ancestor based religions

Would ancestral veneration with the intention of bringing the people closer to their ancestors and traditions be against the Catholic teachings? I used to live in Vietnam, and I’ve seen this often as Vietnamese Catholics have an altar for their ancestors, often with a crucifix in front signifies that they’re Catholics.

I am from Vasai, India. My mom and dad tell me that when they were kids, masses were said in Latin. But I am not sure whether they were said only in Latin.

The Philippines was Christianized by the Spanish, thus the Masses were in Latin.

And with regards to ancestral veneration, the very intersting practice we do in the Philippines which I think is a cross between ancestral worship in Asia and Spanish All Souls Day practice is that on All Saints and All Souls Day, we would go to the graves of our dearly beloved and pray for them. To the point that some would literally camp by the graves for days. But the best part is that Catholicism has transformed the practice that we do not offer any food or anything to the dead, but instead pray for them. Also the local parishes have been very good to offer frequent Masses if there is a chapel in a cemetery.

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