Churches spreading covid

Pro-life issue

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Has the NYT written a single article condemning the thousands upon thousands of people marching shoulder to shoulder in the street for BLM?

If not, they can keep their opinions to themselves.

At this point they’re little more than propagandists.


Too bad that people think going to Church is some great essential (it’s core, but dispensations can be given, like they have, it isn’t absolutely needed for the souls life) thing. During times like this, it is better to only go for sacramental needs. Christianity is a daily practice.

Fair enough.

How do these numbers compare and contrast with the cases related to beaches and protest marches and in-house restaurant dining and ordinary grocery shopping, etc.


I don’t doubt that church attendance has cause an increase in cases.

At the same time, other facilities are opening up too, and it would be interesting and useful to compare contamination rates there, too.

But the NYT is no friend of Christianity, so I could see them saying “see? see? Churches Bad!” while ignoring the bigger picture.


You aren’t Catholic right?
Most US dioceses I believe still have lifted or dispensed the obligation for Sunday and holy day attendance, but it IS an essential. It is one of the six precepts of the Church. And it isn’t an either-or the way you’re presenting it; it is a both-and.

If I have misunderstood you; if you mean by ‘going to Church’ simply visiting the Church for a pious adoration, lighting a candle etc. outside of normal Mass attendance and the latter only for those who are healthy and have complied with the state mandates for attendance, etc., then I agree.


I am Catholic, that’s why I mentioned the dispensation. I say it isn’t essential because it can be dispensed, so that makes it not intrinsically evil to not go, it is a circumstantial thing given by Church discipline. Not that it isn’t part of the best precept. As long as the dispensation exist I hope no Catholics are going to be part of the spread (I already know that’s a pipedream, people are going to mass two blocks away from me, God save us).

I mean we shouldn’t be going at all as long as the dispensation last except for essential things (confession being the most important thing).

This is true, all kinds of stupidity has been going on outside of just unnecessary Church attendance. Covid is one big class project and we get an F all around. Protesting, restaurants, going to crowded lakes, it’s miserable. I bet all of that makes it worse, more than church, but still.

I get E-mails from them because I signed up for it because I wanted to find out which American accent I have (apparently, Kansas City, which actually kinda makes sense), I regret that decision. I really need to unsubscribe.


Funny how Churches are responsible for spreading COVID-19; but Walmart, Costco, Safeway, Winco are not.

Always question what you read.


650 out of the thousands of new cases daily? Doesn’t sound too bad to me.


The way I read it, it is “more than 650” out of about 3,000,000, as the article says the 650 number is from the beginning of the pandemic.

Not what I would call “a major source of cases.”



Or the reopened restaurant patios all over the place, many with poor social distancing and allowing 4 or 5 people not all from same household to eat and chatter at each other without masks for an hour?

I’m convinced the media at this point just has it in for churches and thinks of all Christian worship as being a megachurch where a huge crowd sprays germs on each other for 2 hours.


Going to Mass is my daily practice, and as long as I do my social distancing and wear my mask, it is no different from going to the convenience store. I do not have anyone high risk in my family and don’t believe myself to be high risk.

Your comment about “Isn’t absolutely needed for the soul’s life” is insensitive and wrong. You sound just like the secular mass media. Mass, in person, is needed; however, people who feel at risk are excused from going until such time as the virus risk abates. Many people who cannot go to Mass right now are not happy about it and definitely feel something missing. It is a cross for them to bear. It was likewise difficult for me to go without Mass for about 10 or 11 weeks straight. I didn’t just go, “Oh it’s not essential for my soul and I have a dispensation so tra la la.”

I heard several homilies last week stressing the importance of Mass and that sitting home watching it on the video is NOT the same as attending “The real thing”, although the homilies also noted that those who are at risk cannot go right now.


It is curious, given the recent news that BLM marchers were not a source of COVID-19 transmission. Is it the indoor location? Is Mass in the Grass the answer?

(I’ll personally live-stream as long as we’re dispensed).

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IDK but I think “Mass in the Grass” where there is space and climate to do so is very nice. One church here is doing it and I attended; I may do so again this weekend, because my parish church is an old historic building that gets very stuffy in hot weather and the mask on top of the stuffiness is making me uncomfortable there. I also think Drive-in Mass where there’s sufficient parking lot space is a good option.

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Churches have a responsibility to act in the best interest of their parishioners.

We have Covid spreading within our parish due to a funeral at which the entire family tested positive for Covid. One of the family members was on a ventilator, came off and is now back on the ventilator.

Multiple other parishioners have contracted Covid. Not certain of the status of them at the moment.

The Church should not allow or promote activities which would jeopardize the health and safety of their parishioners, regardless of how soon they would like to be back to normal. There won’t be the old normal for a long time.


That’s was also my thinking and fear, the spread of the virus with the BLM mess.

If the NYT focus on churches and forget BLM in their articles, it is called a bias (I guess, because I have not verify if they had speak of marchs and virus).

On the other hand church meetings are a great way of spearding respiratory virus. Not because people are not careful, but because it gather a lot of people in a small close space and usually people have close contact. It is the same and even worst in some cultural events, such as concerts.

In the beginning of the epidemic, religious attendance had been a great way of spreading. In France, the pandemic started with a big evangelical meeting of one week for lent in Alsace. After it goes in all the territory. In New York, there is the same that had happened with a synagogue.

With social distancing measures, the possible spreading has decrease but not nul. For eg, my baby, the last time had runned in the church, and several people had touched it to stop or redirect it. If he were contaminated, or someone else was, it would be a way of spreading the infection. I also see someone who drop her mask…

Which is to help them get to heaven.

This is my concern. What level of safety is required before we can get back to normal? The Catholics in England and Ireland (and many other countries) ran a much greater risk of death attending Mass when it was outlawed.


The study you cited said we don’t know, not that the protests were proven not to increase Covid.

The reality is that while we might be able to trace back on an individual basis we lack the kinds of data to jump to event based conclusions, especially when there are people from out of town. This won’t stop them from directly “proving” that 400 healthy thriving Americans are dead only because in a moment of weakness, they attended a Trump rally.

Film at 11.

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