Churches to attend mass at while traveling


I have to make some business trips at times that have me gone from home for over a week sometimes. I was wondering if there were any suggestions on where to attend mass while I’m traveling. My upcoming travels will take me to:

Minneapolis, MN
Tewksbury/Andover, MA
Austin, TX
Anaheim, CA

God Bless


I grew up in the Tewksbury/Andover area, so I can help you out a little bit there. My preference for Mass in that area would be St. Monica’s in Methuen: There are really great, profoundly Orthodox co-pastors there. However, if that is too far of a drive for where you are staying (it may be 20 minutes if you are closer to Tewksbury than Andover), you could attend St. Michaels in Andover, MA.


Go to (or maybe it is,not sure) and put in the city and they give a listing of curches and masses.


you were right…


#5 is a great website, but just having the address and time of Mass doesn’t give the full picture of what a parish is like.

If you are looking for a more conservative parish, check out how often Confession is offered, where or not there is Perpetual Adoration, whether they have Holy Hours, Vespers, Benediction, etc.

This is a more speculative way to choose, but if you can find a web page for a parish, I am of the opinion that if you see the word “Community” prominently placed on the web page, you will find that parish to be more contemporary in its liturgies.

I am in Minneapolis. It’s a big area. Where will you be working/staying? Send me an email too as I don’t get back here as regularly as I used to. I will respond on the Forum though.


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