Church's position on Guardian Angels?


Hey, I just posted this on the “Ask an Apologist” page and thought I would get feedback from people here as well.

What is the Church’s views on Guardian Angels? My wife and I have a 21 month old daughter and my wife will ask our daughter where her “guardian angel” is. After some intense thought or matter of factly she will point to somewhere in the room and say “there he is.” I believe in all things holy and not so I just want to make sure that we are leading her down a safe and righteous path. Could it be something bad, how do we know what or who she is seeing? Is this o.k. to do?


Have you and your wife ever talked about guardian angels to her before? I know personally that I have several friends and family members who their guardian angels use to appear to them when they were little, especially in times when they were extremely scared.

Since we have explained to our 3 year old that his guardian angel is with him wherever he goes, he too will just point to somewhere in the room.


To be honest no. We have friends who would ask there son this question and we just started asking her. As converts to the faith we have never seen our guardian angels and don’t ask for their intercession. I really do believe she is seeing something. I just want to make sure she is physically, mentally, and most of all spirtually safe so I have been doing some reading. Her faith is making me believe that maybe we do all have somebody that God has sent to look after us and if that is the case I consider myself even more blessed. I just want to make sure this isn’t some sort of thing not from God.



I just happened to pick up this book at my church. I haven’t read much yet, but it seems to be great book. It is a small book - about 65 pages.

You can purchase online here:


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