Church's role in correcting Catholics publicly


Simple. I’ll take myself, for example. I am personally anti-abortion. I think it is a sin. But I recognize that this is my personal belief. I am also pro-choice. I recognize that other religions (and non-religious people) have their own beliefs that are different from mine. And I have no right to impose my personal religious beliefs on them. So I am pro-choice–in other words, I am in favor of every woman having the right to decide what to do based on her own beliefs and her own conscience.

Please don’t sidetrack the discussion by arguing about this. What I wrote above is a fact; if you think it’s contradictory, go ahead. If you disagree, that’s your right. But what is NOT your right is to say “Everyone else thinks exactly the same way I do.” They don’t. Trust me.


That is the ideal, but not always the case. If true, most everything written could be taken at face value, and it is often shown otherwise.


I think it’s a distinction without a difference.


Inspired by legions of German and Eastern European burghers who were personally opposed to the ash plumes but publicly indifferent.
Evil flourishes when “good” people are cowards.


Unless, of course, the editors (as we all do) have their own biases as well.

I remember Huntley and Brinkley, and 'Uncle Walter" Cronkite. . .I remember being fired up for Woodward and Bernstein. . .I remember in college hearing the English profs talking about the duty of journalists to present facts and to present a clear, unbiased, story. That was the 60s and 70s.

It’s kind of a different world now. One’s ‘worldview’ informs one’s entire self, and so of course in order to present the most thorough and nuanced take, one must view any event through that worldview. To do otherwise would be to be false to one’s self, and ultimately, false to the world. Putting in ‘the personal touch’ is the best way to ‘sell’ the story, now that we have so many competing areas and so many narratives flooding the universe.


Maybe not always the case, but the big majority of time.
Much of the time stories are written with only the information available at the time.


Chuck, spelling and grammar is special to me. Teenager wears a MAGA cap. Wears. As in to put it on himself. Not where’s like where is combined.

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