Church's View on Mental Illness


I never thought witch craft actually worked.



The church teaches that the mentally ill are human beings who have the same rights as anyone else. Forced sterilization and forced euthanasia are both strictly forbidden.

Additionally, mental illness can reduce culpability. This means that what would be a mortal sin for healthy humans often is only a venial sin for the mentally ill.



Mentally ill people are blessed with the insight into a deep spiritual condition.

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Could you explain what you mean by this?



It does not have to involve the occult.

The cycle of abuse can persist for generations. This is more in line of what I think of as a generational curse. The legacy of alcoholism, drug abuse, or even divorce is very much a reality.



It is humiliating to have mental illness. My behavior at times is strange and causes others to stare. At best I am socially awkward. The awkwardness can give the impression of rudeness. I don’t mean to be rude; I don’t mean to avoid eye-contact or have a poverty of speech. Before I was sick I was a good conversationalist; warm and friendly and engaging. The illness has taken all that away like an eraser to a chalkboard. All I am left with is a dusty, blank space and the memory of what once was there.
The memory is sharp and painful- not in itself; the memory is actually quite lovely-but in the way it now occupies the desolate space. It cuts and I bleed with the knowledge that it can never be again.



Speechless!..and prayer for you in your very real and cruel suffering and cross.



Yes, there are those.

I was thinking of negativity used against people, like land curses put on a family, and other curses used on people, for example.



You capacity to express yourself in the written word remains excellent.


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