CIA medical staff gave specifications on how to torture post-9/11 detainees


**CIA medical personnel acknowledged that placing detainees in small boxes barely large enough to fit their bodies inside was not “particularly effective”, but they still provided guidance permitting interrogators to continue using the so-called “confinement boxes” for hours on end.

Sensitive agency documents, declassified on Tuesday, provide a new level of detail on the intimate involvement of its medical staff during its post-9/11 torture program. Officials assigned to the Office of Medical Staff (OMS) provided precise specifications for enforcing sleep deprivation, limiting the caloric intake of detainees’ food, and the proper positions for waterboarding, as outlined in a 2004 document providing “guidelines on medical and psychological support” for torture.**

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Chaise longues around the pool with drinks having little colored umbrellas would be much more effective at extracting information.


This sounds horrifying.


It was certainly touching and reassuring, that the OMS was thoughtful enough to include a list of preexisting medical conditions to consider before starving and torturing people, which almost certainly killed people anyway




There are some interesting Islamic torture methods.

Such as the kazouk.


Well, these folks will have to answer for this one day when they stand before God, and I doubt the old tired excuse ‘I was just doing my job’ will work!


I’m assuming you are joking but I don’t think it’s that far off. Women, alcohol, money, and drugs. That’s the magic formula.


I guess the question is are we better then our enemies?


No, the only important question is are we as good as God wants us to be?


As strange as it may seem, this doesn’t mean the medical staff were recommending any of those practices or that the CIA actually used them. Knowing the context would help.
Might have just been opinions responding to speculative inquiries about the outer limitations of what could be done without killing the subject or causing permanent injury.

I recall that during the Inquisition, the Church forbade certain things geared to making a person confess, even though it allowed more than we would find acceptable today. The time, for example, was limited, maiming or deadly injuries were forbidden, and so on. It did not mean the Church approved of everything just short of any of the things forbidden, let alone that it recommended them.


indubitably, yes.

Even at its worse, there is no comparison between America and its enemies.


Indubitably, no.

That is why Jesus was sent to wash our sins away by the blood of the Lamb.


There is no evidence that anyone was placed in boxes.


Of course, that is not the proper standard for deciding whether a particular technique is appropriate.


Of course under Obama we are much more humane-we just blow them and anyone standing near them up, No need to worry about pre-existing conditions!


Of course.

I somebody making the argument that it is?


Greyhounds spiked with sodium pentothol, perhaps?


Obama targets the terrorists and their families through drones strikes.
By most calculations, that is worse than waterboarding.

Trump therefore would keep his promise of doing worse than waterboarding, and going after the families of terrorists, just by following the Obama Doctrine.

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