CIA publishes new documents on UFOs, psychic research


CIA publishes new documents on UFOs, psychic research


The CIA has many many documents unclassified - a lot due to FOIA. Even a searchable index that is only watched by a few. :smiley:


Thanks for that. The CIA, and other entities, will continue to hold onto other classified documents for decades. In one case, formerly available documents were reclassified and disappeared from one archive. Or a slip of paper is left that reads something like, “This page has been removed from this file for [some] reason.”

The CIA did admit it tried anything even remotely possible to gather intelligence on the enemy, especially in the 1950s. Then we have MKULTRA.



Yep…there is something about UFOs that they just DO NOT want the public to learn about.

I realize the whole reason they keep this secret is due to the Brookings report, but they should take into consideration, that was done in the 1950s, maybe the public could handle the truth about these things?

Could the truth really be that disastrous for society?


**13 Million Pages of Declassified CIA Documents Were Just Posted Online


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