Cigarette smoking question


My cobs see more use than my fancy briars.


May I suggest switching to vaping? I know your goal is to eliminate nicotine altogether, but vaping would give you more control while also being much healthier in the meantime. I smoked for about 10 years, pack a day. Switched to vaping and slowly over the course of a year lowered my nicotine level until I reached zero. Now I don’t even vape.


“progress, not perfection”.


We had a family priest, back in the days when there were such things. No matter what parish he was in, anywhere in the country, he would visit us from time to time. When he went on vacation, my Dad lent him his car. He did our family marriages, baptisms and burials. He was one of the holiest, most scrupulous priests I ever met. He would not allow himself to be in our house if only my Mom were home, even though there never would have been a problem. I would have to accompany her to pick him up at the airport. He was old school, old Church.

But he drank like a fish and smoked like a chimney. I never thought less of him for it. I took up smoking as a teenager, but quit smoking over 30 years ago, for purely selfish reasons. But my thought is that if you are holy person and headed for heaven, smoking will get you there quicker!


Update: I’ve stopped playing video games except for Minecraft for maybe 30 minutes at most a day. I quit drinking. I don’t smoke store bought cigarettes anymore, I make my own again got them to 10 a day which is more than the Marboros but the home made ones don’t have nearly as much nicotine and additives to them, I feel healthier. I got the Coffee to 2 cups a day and soda to 3 cups a day. Chastity is going fine as well. And I’m back on the meds.

Thank you all for helping give me a direction with all of this :slight_smile:


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