Cincinnati Catholics Pound Pavement in Protest (Over New Morality Clauses in Contracts for Teachers in Catholc Schools)

Some are strongly protesting against the more restrictive morality clauses just put into contracts for the teachers in the Catholic schools in the Cincinnati, Ohio, archdiocese. These contracts now say these teachers cannot give public support for such things as the homosexual lifestyle, abortion, and out-of-wedlock relationships. The archdiocese says it will not change these contracts, but have accepted the petitions these protestors have submitted.

Protesting, holding signs, and signing petitions because they don’t want to be role models for Catholicity? Fire them then. Get them out of the school system so they don’t infect anymore children… Obviously, there is a reason the diocese has taken this kind of action. To me, it’s crystal clear. :rolleyes:

From the linked article:
“At least a hundred Catholic teachers, parents and students protested at Fountain Square on Tuesday.”

This is a very small protest-roughly 100 people, only some of whom are teachers out of an entire Archdiocese.

Imagine if it had been entitled:

“All but 100 people Choose to Support new Archdiocesan Policy by Refusing to Participate in Scheduled Protest”

May God bless our Archdioceses and schools.

I support the Catholic school’s decision, but somebody will probably literally try to make a federal case of this.

We’ll see where it all ends up.


Thank God some one is finally calling sin what it is!!! Alleluia!!!

Hopefully if will put an end to this insanity: “Bianca Laureano, a Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University in Riverdale NY (founded by the Sisters of Charity) teaches Sociology and Human Sexuality classes. She openly supports abortion (professing abortion to be safer than giving birth), prostitution and live sex demonstrations is the classroom (12). Laureano created the explicit “sex positive” site which contains shocking articles she authored; such as “Condoms That Are Barely There” (13). In that particular article, she evaluates the tactile invisibility of several brands of these prophylactics via her own comparisons with diverse products and various sex partners, as well as on her sex toys. Educators have been sacked in public schools for less wacky behavior. In April, Laureano described how she incorporated a pornographic image of the Virgin Mary entitled “The Liberation of Mary” during a presentation at the University of Maryland (14).
On her site, Laureano promotes a pro-abortion venomous tirade entitled “What Women Deserve” (15). In this video (text included on the page) foul mouthed Sonya Renee Taylor recites a long sequence of obscenities against those supporting Life, debatably characterized on the site as a “poem”. She shrieks how underprivileged woman would not have so many kids if abortion was more accessible. She refers to Bishops as “balding middle-aged white men who tell us what to do with our bodies”, bellows that “The Vatican won’t prosecute pedophile priests, but I decide I’m not ready for motherhood (slaughtering a baby equates to not being ready for motherhood?) and it’s condemnation for me?” and barks “Get the f**k out of our decisions!”.
When the Cardinal Newman Society asked Mount Saint Vincent College President Charles Flynn to curb Bianca Laureano, he responded by adding another class for her to teach. To the left is a Video Bianca Laureano and Sonya Renee Taylor really need to watch to understand the truth about abortion, black woman and planned parenthood (PP). PP was founded by Margaret Sanger, who got her start as a lecturer for the women’s division of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), speaking on topics such as her Negro Reduction Project (16, 17, 18). One of her many quotes is: “Abortion should be illegal for whites, but mandatory for blacks” (19, 20)”

Prayers for the diosese who are not afraid to stand for Catholic teaching in a Catholic school!
I would be proud to teach there under the new contract. As a fairly recent convert it baffles me that my fellow Catholics would go against the teaching of their church! Sadly, they are influenced more by the secular world rather the teachings of the Church Jesus founded.


Oh, puh-leeze!

If you’re Catholic in Chincinnati, they’ve embarrassed your town.

Just the free market at work.

I like that headline “0.02% of Cincinnati Catholics protest morality”

(that’s 100 out of 498,000)

Sort of catchy.

We’re reworking the Young Adults group at my parish and our priest announced that the new leadership roles would involve taking our Bishop’s oath, same as the teachers and other offices do. Seems to be the same thing as this.

The reaction he got was one of excitement.

I think you can gauge the state of one’s faith and morals by your reactions to such things.

I don’t think they’ll be able to take it anywhere. These types of contracts have been in place in many dioceses for years. If you want the job, you sign and abide by the contract. If you don’t, you don’t get (or keep) the job. It’s pretty clear cut. I don’t think there’s any action they can take from a legal standpoint.

I don’t work for the Diocese or even live in Cincinnati, but I would be glad to sign such a clause right now.



I would agree, and Catholic schools are not the only ones that have ‘morality’ clauses. A&E’s suspension of Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) involved his morality clause.

The ‘Miss American’ pageant contracts are similar as well.

Even public schools are taking some stand on teacher behavior. A public school teacher I know says some of the younger teachers are being disciplined or talked to about what they’re posting on facebook.

I have a daughter back in Catholic school here at ground zero (Cincinnati). She just came back to her old school this semester.

Two years ago I decided to pull my children out of catholic school because of the lack of adhering to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. There was one teacher particularly that I was troubled by the person’s constant defiance to Church Authority.

This particular teacher is against the new contract and has made a big issue all over the regional area where I live to the point it makes it difficult for parents (who actually support the Archbishop) to want to be around the school.

The bottom line is that the morals contract is nothing new. It is just spelled out specifically that as a “teacher-Minister” for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati they cannot publicly go against Church teachings on homosexuality, abortion, cohabitation out of wedlock, invitro fertilization, surrogacy. The key word is “Publicly”. Also the contract does reference the Catechism to the Catholic Church on the Vatican webpage.

It was also sad to see how many parents who are sending their kids to my daughter’s school can be so misinformed and poorly catechized. I have had spirited discussions with one parent and invited that person to come and we can look at the Catechism book together. It is really a good read and puts it altogether :slight_smile:

I don’t know if these dust-ups are sincere or just seeking recognition. Why would a teacher who sincerely believes that same sex marriage should be legalized ever want to teach in a Catholic school? Again, why would anyone who wants a wedding cake want to force a baker who disagrees with him or her bake it? Why would a same sex couple want to legally compel a photographer to photograph their wedding if the photographer expresses a distaste for same sex marriage? And why would the same baker or photographer not simply tell the people that he is already scheduled for that day or just doesn’t have time? Isn’t this what civilized people do? White lies, yes, but that’s part of living.

Keep in mind that many parents send their children to Catholic schools because they are good private schools, not because of religious convictions. Lots of non-Catholics attend Catholic schools, at least where I have lived. The newer Catholic are often expensive, but not nearly as much so as many other private schools.

I’m a Canadian Citizen who has a degree in Business Administration. If all these teachers quit over the morality clause or get fired because they went public with breach of contract, would I have a chance at getting employed in these schools?

I am not familiar with the specifics of the situation, and whether the archdiocese would hire you. However, here is some information regarding the J-1 visa for foreign teachers

A teacher must:

Meet the qualifications for teaching in primary or secondary schools in their country of nationality or last legal residence;

Have a minimum of three years of teaching or related professional experience;

Satisfy the standards of the U.S. state in which they will teach;

Is of good reputation and character;

Be seeking to enter the United States for the purpose of full-time teaching at a primary or secondary accredited educational institution in the United States; and

Possess sufficient proficiency in English language to participate in his or her program.

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