Cindy McCain On Her Biden Endorsement

John was a neoconservative warhawk, open borders RINO
so the opposite of Trump.

Not surprised Cindy voted for Biden, the Deep State candidate.
She’s also pandering, she didn’t critique any of Trump’s policies.

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The only woman’s opinion that can sway mine is my wife’s.

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Again, me thinks this is a variation of “No True Scottsman.”

How so? His vote record is public.
His nick name was “Wrong-Way McCain” for his votes.
Also, Cindy did fail to identify any Trump policies driving her Biden vote.
Wasn’t she just being petty?

He was a member of the Republican Party. Thus, he was a Republican. Had he been kicked out, but was continuing to call himself one, then the label might come across as genuine. But this didn’t happen.

Every Republican who doesn’t support Trump is a RINO. I actually believe the opposite: Trump isn’t a Republican. I suppose I’m now a RINO too.


Crabby wife, crappy life!

If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

Thankfully my wife is generally a cheerful woman. Which is good because it takes that to put up with me.

Makes the term “deplorables” look pretty tame, guess I’m one of those “lowest form of human life” that voted for him.

McCain was being called a RINO long before Trump was on the scene. Him, murkowski, Collins, and flake were the worst I can remember off the top of my head.

He’s used that term before. Human scum.

For Democrats and for never trumpers.

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I guess if you’re not one of the true believers that he was “chosen by God” then you’re not a genuine “Trumpaholic”.

Well, so much for the big tent. I have no idea where I’m supposed to go now.

It’s a shame and a dishonor to her that she would base her desire to harm Trump on a lie. It was a piece of fake news in a liberal rag, debunked by people, including one general, who was actually there when he supposedly said that, but actually didn’t.

But then, revenge can seem sweet to some. I expect she enjoyed disinviting Trump from John McCain’s funeral too. Some people get over wounds to their pride. Some never do.

Oh yes. Three anonymous sources in a fake news source. That proves it. :roll_eyes:

But even if he did, that’s not what Cindy McCain and Atlantic were saying. They told the lie that Trump said the soldiers buried in France were “losers and suckers”. No named source verified it and named sources denied it. Even John Bolton, no Trump lover, but who was there, says it didn’t happen. Trump never said it.

Perhaps you didn’t read the article?

Here, we’ll focus on Trump’s assertion that he “never called (McCain) a loser.”

The reality is that Trump did say that about McCain in a widely noted public event in 2015.

The event in question was a family leadership summit in Ames, Iowa, on July 18, 2015. Here’s the full video, with the remarks in question coming at about the 5:10 mark.

I read the article. Trump didn’t say it. Even John Bolton, who was there, affirmed that Trump didn’t say the “losers and suckers” thing.

Oh, I see. McCain called Trump supporters “crazies” and he responded that his supporters aren’t crazies and McCain shouldn’t have said it. He said he supported McCain for president, and raised a million dollars for him, but he lost, and “I don’t much like losers”.

so there it is. Frankly, I’m glad Trump responded for me and the other “crazies” who McCain disparaged.

But the “losers and suckers” quote which is what Cindy McCain says is her “final reason” for her voting for Biden, is a complete fake. She surely knows it’s fake.

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All RINOs are members of the GOP, by definition.
Your logic doesn’t dispute his RINO rating.

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