Cindy Sheehan: Confessions of a Dangerous Mom


The right-wingers who think nothing but the worst of Cindy Sheehan probably won’t change their minds after reading Peace Mom. In the book, which hits bookstores September 19, the antiwar icon admits she has fantasized about going back in time and killing the infant George W. Bush, thereby preventing the Iraq War. In fact, she reveals, her son’s death in that war almost drove her to take her own life: “Every night I had to restrain myself from taking my entire bottle of sleeping pills instead of just one.” Other targets of her vitriol:



That woman has completely lost it.


Love how these Pacifists spread Peace & non-violence :rolleyes:


Nothing Cindy Sheehan says surprises me, after seeing the photos of her in Caracas Venezuela cavorting with communist leader Hugo Chavez and the rest of the neoMarxist-Leninists.



I thought her 15 minutes of fame were done? I guess she has to say outrageous things to try and get back in the limelight.


When did she claim to be a pacifist? I am honestly asking. If she only claimed to be an activist, the one does not follow the other.


It is kind of late when I read this post - but I have to ask. Jeffrey - are you FOR or AGAINST CindyS?

God Bless.


Whether or not she actually claimed to be a pacifist is of no consequence to me. She is supposedly an anti-war, anti-killing activist and yet she admits to fantasizing about killing another human being herself. This is true hypocrisy.

Sheehan comes off as a fraud, who used her son’s death to gain sympathy for her anti-American pro-Communist/Marxist agenda.
She has a history of these types of activities that starts way before her son died fighting against people who hold the same twisted beliefs as his mother.


So if she is not a pacifist it is OK to want to kill the President of the US?


I just wish she would get out of the limelight. I can not think if why anybody would listen to - much less read - what she has to say.


100% against.


So I assume that if someone says they are a Catholic, yet they fornicate, cheat, lie and steal, skip church etc, you still consider them a Catholic?


Yes, such evil people are, technically, still Catholic.
However, being in mortal sin, they are not living but DEAD members of the vine. Heresy and apostasy separate them totally from the vine itself.

Jaypeeto4 (aka Jaypeeto3)


The point being, she can call herself whatever she wants. If she chooses to act in ways counter to that doctrine, she is not an acceptable tool to use to paint that group with broad strokes.


She is a woman who suffered a great loss and is looking for some way to make sense of it all. Her views border on the irrational and soon her 15 minutes (maybe 20 minutes in her case) will be up.

I hope that, as an image-bearer of God, she finds peace and stops being the media caricature she has become.


Your example supports what I am saying about Sheehan. She is saying one thing and fantacizing about acting against her supposed beliefs.
Sheehan is claiming to be anti-war, anti-killing, yet she is fantacizing about killing an innocent person.
I really do not know how you came to your inaccurate interpretation of my initial post. It’s quite clear, really. Sheehan is saying she is one thing and acting the complete opposite, just like Catholics who enact all of the vices you cited and still claim to be acting Catholic. They are both hypocrits.


So you admit that Sheehan is not a valid anti-war activist.

One doesn’t need to use Sheehan to paint broad strokes in criticism of the anti-war/anti-killing faction. Most of those who are accusing the US and its allies of murdering innocent people are people who are pro-abortion; people who voted for John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and all other baby-killing leftists. They paint themselves as hypocrits.


I feel bad for this woman (she was probably crazy before her son died). What truely sickens me are the people who exploit her.


I never said otherwise. You took my political leanings and assumed I thought so. In fact, you’re using blanket statements here again.


Easy to do with the way the left is acting and sticking to common talking points these days. They blanket themselves.

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