Circuit City goes bankrupt

A bit off topic but I would like to mention that Target is one of the largest corporate donors to Planned Parenthood and National Organization for Women (NOW).

Me, I probably only shopped at Circuit City once or twice. I do not recall ever buying anything there. All I really recall is that I had a bad sense about the place and decided to not return.

Still, it is very sad that so many people have lost their jobs.

Target doesn’t allow any collections (i.e. Salvation Army), sales(i.e. Girl Scout cookies), petition signature gathers, etc outside their stores. They do sell a Christmas Music CD that a portion of the proceeds from are donated to the Salvation Army. I dislike that Salvation Army and Girl Scouts can not longer set up outside of Target. However, it is sure nice not be accosted by petition signature gathers, Christian Scientists, questionable charitable organizations selling things, etc like I am when entering and leaving Wal-Mart.

Man! The Circuit City near us is very good. I do prefer to just order online and pick up at the store for most things. I always got the best price there. They are cheaper than BB for most things. What a shame. I’m still in mourning over Linens and Things. Now this.:frowning:

BB is laid out better and the staff friendlier, but the staff doesn’t know squat about what they are selling.CC used to the best place to go for te sales advice, customer service, and friendly return policies. They used to pay their sales people salary plus commission, but I have heard it is just hourly after the lay-offs a few years ago.

I think you mean their online store, b/c I have yet to see one in any Target store I’ve been in.

Yes. And then they continued to layoff their highest hourly employees for new lower paid ones. When you add in the fact that they stopped selling household appliances right before the most recent housing boom, you begin to see that they have made blunder after blunder and this step was inevitable. I don’t think they will survive another 2 years, tops.

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