Circular Letter regarding Sign of Peace during Mass


Circular Letter regarding Sign of Peace during Mass
Does anyone know how to find the circular letter that was recently issued from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments with regards to the Sign of Peace in the Ordinary Form of the Mass in the Roman Rite?
If so, can you please pass along a way to access the letter on-line?
The letter is referred to in the linked post, but the article does not actually link to the letter:…during-mass-en

Thank you for any and all help,
God bless!


Has it been translated and promulgated? It was written in Spanish.


I am assuming that it has been promulgated, if it is hitting the various different news entities, no? As for Spanish vs. English or other translations…those issues can be overcome fairly easily when looking for a ‘rough’ translation, and not necessarily an official one.



This was discussed yesterday in the Catholic News Forum, and one of the posters gave a link to a blog with the letter (in PDF format). Here is the link:


It’s interesting then that EWTN shows a picture of the Sign of Peace in the EF to present the story.


Thank you so much!
This is exactly what I was looking for.
God bless!


You are very welcome. :slight_smile:


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