Circumcision of male newborns

I know the Jewish have faith based reasons for this procedure. Europe rarely performs it. The USA pretty much did it in an almost routine manner, highest in the early 70’s. It’s now more of an option. Do you support this procedure being performed on new born boys as a Jew or non-Jew? Why or why not?

I would like also to see this listed in a poll, but I’m new and have no idea as to logistics as to how one would be able to present a poll. Perhaps it has no religious meanings to non Jews and not be worthy to discuss. There really is no medical reason in today’s world to support the procedure if you research it. It’ seems somewhat barbaric and traumatic for the child to undergo. I was once invited to a Bris but with all due respect to the father declined the invitation.

When I was about 12 years old I had to get this done for medical reasons. So there is other reason that Religious reasons.

God Bless.

That is extremely rare among those intact from what I’ve read as to statistics is it not?

Circumcision of male newborns is an unnecessary medical procedure that should be banned. There is nothing about the foreskin that cannot be treated without circumcision. The circumcision industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in America. All of the “arguments” for circumcision must be answered in light of who is being benefited. Many of the skin renewing creams on the market today are made from infant foreskins.
The physical risks to the newborn of circumcision are substantial and even life threatening. Why would you risk your child’s life with an unnecessary and risky procedure?
On the religious side, the sign of the covenant with Abraham was circumcision. The sign of the covenant with the Christ is baptism. So that circumcision is no longer necessary to the Christian. Read the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Romans.

I agree that routine circumcision is medically unnecessary. However, I disagree with your next statement, “There is nothing about the foreskin that cann’t be treated without circumcision.”

Circumcision is a valid medical procedure for some problems.

New Ageism and Catholicism are incompatible. Your name is scandelous, NAC.

The Church on the New Age:

Circumscion, without religion, is done for medical reasons. There used to be a fear that if you didn’t circumsice boys, their penises wouldn’t work right. This has since been disproven.

Peace be with you!

Hi! I’m from the Philippines and I want to share my thoughts about circumcision. I hope I’m not deviating from the the topic…but here in the Philippines it’s part of our culture/tradition to be circumcised. Most Filipino boys are circumcised by age 11 (like me:D) to 12 but some are circumcised when they’re still babies. People make fun or call you names if they found out that you are already grown up but still uncircumcised. To us Filipino Men being circumcised is our rite of passage to adulthood. Most Filipino men are circumcised, regardless of religion.

Although this is a common practice here in the Philippines, I haven’t come across any documentation how it was introduced here in the Philippines, not even legends. I’m quite sure it’s not a new practice because all my grandfathers and great grandfathers were also circumcised. I don’t think the Spaniards who converted us to Catholicism almost 500 years ago introduced it because most of them now don’t practice it. The Muslims could have introduced it because Mindanao and Manila were Muslim Sultanates before the Spaniards arrived but if it were so how did the practice spread throughout the country and the rest of the non-muslim Filipinos? The Tagalogs of Manila were only partly Muslim back then and the Spaniards would have definitely suppressed the practice if they learned of its Islamic origins. Perhaps any of you have thoughts about it?

Anyways, sorry for sharing my thoughts, yeah I know I should have put this in another thread:blush:. **To recap, we Filipinos are circumcised for hygienic and cultural/traditional reasons. **:thumbsup:

God Bless

As I understand it circumcisions are a manhold rite of passage throughout the Pacific Islander communities. Even if it wasn’t introduced by Islamic traders moving east. I have heard theories that the first Spanish tried to suprese the practice because that was a sure sign of Islam. And Islam was a greater threat to the Church then the indiginous pagan faiths of Las Pinas.

When you get into this discussions you learn that most Americans and a significant number of Europeans link circumcision to Jews and have no ideal that most who do it today are doing it because they are Muslims. When that fact is found out talking of banning ends because we all know Muslims are more likely to go to violence to protect their rights of religious practice the Jews are.

Nobody believes me when I tell of medical missions in the Philippines to circumsize 10 year old boys out of fear that they might cut themselves rather then be teased as a “supot”. I do understand more mothers are willing to let their infant sons to be circumsized rather then wait until he is a preteen in a sort of manhood rite.

Very Interesting to read from the Phillipino person as to that culture being acceptive of the practice. I learned something new. I thank them for their input as what little I’ve read did not include Pacific Islanders embracing it. Many are poor people and I’d guess it an extra at birth but a aget 8 or 10 or 12, it has to be something more than the cost of it and ramifications but I suppose at least they do have a choice, like getting a tattoo… as infants that have this done in the USA as a matter of routine do not have a choice. Their parents are hell bent for doing it and insurance covers it, so why not? Those performing are covered by malpractice insurance I suppose, at least for the real doctors that preform it., These procedures are very lucrative of course. There are a few that used to perform will never do it again as there is no medical reason to do this barbaric thing. But, I don’t mean this disrespectful of the Rabis that do this like they were just changing a diaper.

I’m aware that Malaysians and Indonesians are circumcised because they are Muslims but I didn’t know that other Pacific Islander communities practiced circumcision. Who are these other islanders who practice circumcision? And also any legends why Pacific Islanders practice circumcision? I’m not an expert in Pacific or Malayo-Polynesian mythologies but I haven’t come across any legends how circumcision began or why it is practiced by Pacific Islanders. Normally something integral in a culture usually have a legend why it was started.

Any of you have ideas or read/heard something about this?:shrug:

God Bless!

Peace be with you!

Circumcision prevents cancer and smegma. Of course you can remove smegma even if you’re uncircumcised but when you’re circumcised it is easier and saves time because you don’t have to pull back your foreskin every time you’re gonna clean it. Here in the Philippines most of the proponents to ban circumcision are Homosexuals since circumcision here is a rite of passage to manhood. I remember a Homosexual college professor who was against circumcision and told us of the advantages of being uncircumcised but to the rest of us real men it’s a big issue because to be a real Filipino man means to be circumcised and **people here will really laugh at you **if they found out you’re an uncircumcised Filipino.

God bless!

It is common enough in the US that when my daughter was born, the hospital bill included a cost for circumcision.

NOT! :tsktsk:

I think the ancient barbaric ritual does go back to when people did not bath regularly. Yes, they could have issues because of that in private parts. Certainly they could have issues as to the prepuce of a male or female could have as to his over the head of his penis or as to the hood over her clitoris. To clip it away? Nah…not necessary unless you do have a medical issue or have family religious convictions. But, if retractable, most people today wash the area with mild soap regularly and are free from problems for a lifetime. God put it there for a reason and it is there to protect tender nerve endings and they are enjoyable to experience as some will testify. God put all that in place for a reason.

I was an American, and im not Jewish. I was circumcised. No idea why either.

I don’t see it being necessary unless for medical reasons.

As I understand it Fiji and Samoa and other island chains. I guess in some cases you can find a link to Muslims comng out of Indonesia but a smoking gun like South Koreans picking up the practice from US GIs might be hard to prove.

Like in Islam and the Filipinos it seems to come before puberty as a manhood ritual and is not done at childbirth.

Maybe the fact that circumcision reduces AIDS between heterosexual couples by over fifty per cent or infections of certain STD’s and certain cancers is God’s way of telling us something.

Now it’s interesting to note the claim that all the men who have been circumcised aren’t enjoying sex but I doubt whether they or their wives are aware of this.:shrug:

Now what is the purpose of the foreskin?. So that primitive man walking through tall grass with the minimum of protective clothing (if at all) could be protected in this sensitive area. More modern man is able to abide by God’s commandment and even to take part in this completion of man by performing the circumcision ceremony. So yes God did put it there for a purpose.

I always had a theory that at one time the best western medical evidence said to circumsize. However in Europe with more antisemitism and closer contacts with Islamic nations fear of being thought of as a Jew or Muslim was greater there then in America so it didn’t become as nearly universal.

As medical evidence changed rates first dropped even lower in Europe then America followed. Nations like South Korea which picked up the practice from Americans will probably start to follow the trend.

Peace be with you!

I understand that you are strongly opposed to male circumcision but please let us remain civil and stop referring to circumcision as an “ancient barbaric ritual”, I find it offensive when people call our tradition of circumcision as barbaric, I feel like you’re calling the rest of the 80 million Filipino men barbarians. I don’t think that circumcision was brought about by the fear or lack of bathing. The Sultanate of Manila was founded near rivers and seashores like most of the other villages and towns of the old days so they have access to clean waters, in fact Spanish chronicles noted that most Filipinos were excellent swimmers and bathed at least twice a day, once in the morning and again in the late afternoon. And as I mentioned earlier, it’s a Rite of Manhood.

Also I wouldn’t think that God will allow Abraham and his descendants to practice circumcision if it were barbaric. Again please stop calling circumcision barbaric because it’s offensive to those people who practice it as part of their culture/tradition.

God Bless!

I think God has something to say about sexual activity, but circumcision has nothing to do with it.

If everyone were following the Catholic Church’s (God’s) rules on sexual conduct, they wouldn’t be spreading sexually transmitted HIV. There would be the times when someone gets it in a blood transfusion and spreads it to the spouse, but the couple wouldn’t transmit it (sexually) to anyone else.

On your guess that we should routinely circumcise infants because they don’t need the foreskin unless they’re walking through tall grass is way off - We don’t “need” our appendixes either, and having one can be deadly. Still, we don’t routinely remove the appendix from our infants.

We don’t “need” our body hair, but we don’t routinely shave ourselves simply because we don’t need fur.

We don’t “need” two eyes. People get along fine with just one. We don’t pluck the other out.

How far down can you pare the human body and still function? Pretty darned far.

Circumcision is cultural not functional. The fact that many see it as “extra” is irrelevant.

And is it really about tall grasses? Don’t the tribes that wear very little circumcise their boys at puberty? Not to be too indelicate, but I think the motive behind circumcision is to attract females. A circumcised penis looks like an erect penis. Putting a religious (God’s covenant) spin on the practice may legitimize it to some, but I strongly doubt that that’s how circumcision got started.

I guess I’ll be the first to say it… I think a uncircumcised penis is Ugly, I’m so glad that I was circumcised, plus it’s so much cleaner, this whole idea about not getting circumcised must have come from atheists who want to do everything opposite of God’s way.:rolleyes:

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