Cirque du Soleil- is it sinful

My granddaughter wants to join, she’s currently 16 years old, and wants to send in her profile to the Cirque, so they might could give her an audition, so she could possibly get a spot in one of their shows. She’s been in dance since she could walk, and was put in gymnastics before she started school. She excels in ballet, acrobatics, and aerial dance. She’s very good, and I’m not just saying that because I’m her grandma, because I can name some things she’s not-so-good at. I personally think she could make it, and her parents feel that way too, because she spends a lot of time practicing, even in her free time. What I’m worried about, is it is dangerous, less than a month ago, a Cirque performer died on stage. Which made me get to thinking, is it sinful to risk your life for entertainment?

I don’t consider it “risking their lives” They’re professionals, usually people who have been doing those types of tricks most of their lives. It’s not like they’re diving into a tank full of flesh eating sharks. The performer who died a few weeks ago had been doing that regularly since 2006, just that night, her safety harness failed, Cirque du Soleil’s first death in the 30 years that it’s been around. They take safety measures, and choreograph very carefully. A woman recently died by falling out of a roller coaster…it’s so rare to hear of that, but it happens, does that mean we shouldn’t ride roller coasters? Or amusement park rides for that matter? It’s their profession, they’re doing something they love to do, and showcasing their talent, but unfortunately tragic things happen sometimes…but that doesn’t automatically make it sinful…

You can die from walking down the stairs or driving a car. You risk your life everyday and probably don’t even notice it. These people are professionals and it comes just as natural to them as walking down stairs or driving their car. :slight_smile:

Her risk of dying when driving to her practice site is MUCH more higher than her chance of dying during the practice.

Its not sinful

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