Cities with Strongest Traditional Catholic Presence

What is the consensus on the US cities, states, and regions, with the strongest traditional Catholic presence? Such a city would have multiple parishes offering regular high masses and daily low masses.

A city that comes to mind is St. Louis. It has the ICKSP Oratory. In addition Missouri has several traditional Catholic schools.

You’ll want to look at the cities that filled up with Irish, Polish and German immigrants during the Mid 1800’s. These are usually midwestern rust belt cities like Milwaukee, St. Louis as you mentioned, Toledo, Cincinnati, and Pittsburg.

I’m sure there are others outside this parameter. I think Phoenix has a pretty decent Catholic presence.

The Greater Cincinnati area (including parts of Kentucky (Diocese of Covington) and Indiana (Archdiocese of Indianapolis) has a fairly strong presence of Catholics who prefer the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. The FSSP has a parish on the Indiana side of the area; there is a diocesan parish in Cincinnati that offers the Extraordinary Form exclusively (I believe it’s exclusive), and there is also a parish in Downtown Cincinnati overseen by the Oratory of St. Philip Neri. That parish offers both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms, with a preference, now, for the Extraordinary. Those are the ones that come to mind off the top of my head.

There are also a good number of Ordinary Form parishes that are very traditional (not “traditionalist”), such as the local Dominican parish.

In Ohio, Cinncinati and Columbus have a pretty strong Catholic presence. It’s worth noting that both have seminaries.


Texas: San Antonio, Houston, El Paso and the Rio Grande Valley

These are the most Catholic cities:

Three U.S. cities tie for most Catholic, with 36 percent of their residents claiming allegiance to the church.

New analysis from the the Public Religion Research Institute ranks the largest religious groups in 30 major U.S. metropolitan areas. Catholics and the religiously unaffiliated vie for biggest faith-related population in many of cities, with Protestants coming closesly behind.

Check out the cities with the largest Catholic populations:

1 Boston, Massachusetts

36% Catholic

2 New York, New York

36% Catholic

3 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

36% Catholic

Traditional Masses are usually listed by diocese, and it seems that Arlington has the highest number.

Our pastor said that our parish (San Diego) is the second largest FSSP parish in North America I believe, with 800 attendees per weekend, with the largest being Dallas.

I know Jacksonville/St. Augustine Fl have a very strong Catholic community as well as several parishes that offer the Latin the mass along with many great priests who hold a very orthodox practice of the Faith.

Large Catholic populations don’t always mean they are ‘Traditional’. I grew up in Chicago (left a long time ago before it could ruin me) and many of the people I know who call themselves Catholic are barely Catholic. They have assumed many secular ideas and applied them to their faith (i.e. abortion, contraception, lgbt).

And yet there are Traditional monasteries, ICKSP, Society of St. John Cantius, and numerous Eastern Churches all over the City.

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