Citizen Spy book by morgan

Is there any comment regards this very disturbing book about the Vatican?

Don’t pay attention to non sense it will only hurt you.

erm… what is this thread about? :confused:

Would the OP be willing to explain the topic to some degree?

Never heard of it, not enough information to form any judgment. Is this a novel or a bogus “non-fiction” book?

What is it?

Citizen Spy by Robert Morgan (published by Tile Town press) is a factual account of a Vatican coverup: the Mob, money laundering, and murder. Archbishop Paul Marcinkus of Chigaco and the Holy Roman Catholic Bank are some of the principals in this intriguing book. Attempt to read the book reviews at least.

All I’m finding is that supposedly someone confessed in London to Morgan to killing JPI and why he did it. However there are at least 4 other books out there that pledge some sort of conspiracy theory surrounding the death of JPI. This one can be thrown on the pile with those I guess.

Ah, yeah, I’ve heard things like that for some time now. Nothing really new, and I don’t see how that could be offensive/anti-Catholic.

Thank you for the brief explanation of the book. I remember the scandals involving the Vatican Bank and the unsavory allegations being made in the press about Archbishop Marcinkus.

I dunno… the book reviews from Publisher’s Weekly are usually glowing, and I sometimes wonder if they aren’t simply puff pieces. But PW gave this book a negative review. Here is what PW wrote, as posted on the page for the book

From Publishers Weekly

*Morgan’s discovery of drug-dealing in his daughter’s school sends him on a vigilante quest for justice that takes him far beyond backwoods drug dealers. Soon he’s chasing down drug runners, going undercover, and infiltrating the mafia, all without the support of law enforcement. When Morgan eventually brings his knowledge to the authorities, he becomes part of an ongoing investigation that culminates in the secondhand confession that gives the title its third M: the mob had Pope John Paul I murdered. The problem with all this is that Morgan provides little evidence beyond his own pulpy accounts, presented often in dialogue seemingly borrowed from The Sopranos. With the investigation closed, and no proof of murder provided, Morgan’s undercover efforts seem to have produced nothing. But it’s the over-dramatic, overly familiar style that sinks his account. Readers will be surprised that they aren’t able to connect to such an exciting subject. (July) ©

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Citizen Spy by Morgan has intrigued me because I am familiar with one of the principles. I am wading through David Yallop’s book in God’s Name. I also notice he has written others regards this subject. So far I see no proof but I sure see that there is something rotten in Denmark along with the Vatican. It doesn’t deter my faith but certainly disturbs me.

Sounds like part of the plot for the Godfather III movie.

Regards In God’s Name by David Yallop. The book is quite similar to Morgan’s Citizen Spy and has sold over 6,000,000 copies. Where there is smoke could there be fire?

With little probing regarding the book I found the respected national magazine the Economist commented: ‘His book has two strengths. It brings up to date and tellswell the story of how the Vatican has conducted it’s financial affair. The portrayal of the hitherto little-known JP1 is also excellently done. An engrossing disturbing book. It reflects no credit on the Vatican. That it’s spokesmen affect to view the charges with contempt and ignore the questions raised’.
The Vatican commented on the book: ‘Taking fantastic speculatoions to new levels of absurdity’. ‘Infamous rubbish’.

There are many more reviews from respected folks and respected periodicals worth a read.

One more: by Fr. Andrew Greeley. ‘Was JP1 murdered? He may well have been. To the extent the Vatican does not address itself to responsible discussion of the evidence Mr. Yallop has gathered the probability of murder goes up’.

I am sorry I know so little Latin but I do think this topic would be good Godfather III. It sure ties in with Morgan’s book.

You beat me to it! :smiley:

Dear Padre. Then can you just summarily dismiss all charges and scholarly research?

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