Citizenship stripped off ISIS terrorist


"Sydney-born convicted terrorist Khaled Sharrouf posted a photo on his Twitter account from Syria of his 7yo son holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier by the hair. Khaled had joined ISIS in 2013 and his wife and five children followed him to the middle east.

Sharrouf’s Australian citizenship has been stripped off him and he will not be allowed to return to Australia. He now only has Lebanese citizenship. The Australian government has advised the Lebanese government of all of Sharrouf’s terrorist activities.

His wife Tara Nettleton had grown weary of the ISIS life and told friends and family via social media that she wanted to return to Australia with the children, however, Sharrouf refused to leave. She has since died. The whereabouts of their five children who are Australian citizens is unknown."


Were I an Aussie, I’d say good riddance.



:thumbsup: I commend Australia for doing this!!


How sad for the children. Dad will have to answer for them…

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.


If he is with ISIS, one can only imagine what has happened to the children. We can only pray for them. I don’t know if Australia has tried to find the children or check is the father is providing a home for them or in their life.


Nobody knows where the children are. Their mothers family have been searching for them since her death but it’s difficult since they were in the middle of a war zone. Sad situation for the children. :frowning:


Sounds like straight up racism to me. Allow me to join in the condemnations of Australia for their racist and anti-refugee policies.


I wonder how Tara met her death. I am sure it was not a popular view to say you were weary of ISIS life and want to leave.




No confirmation of how she died. You are right, she would have to be disciplined by Isis or her husband if they knew she was having second thoughts.


Yeah ok. :shrug:


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