City renames 2 holidays deemed culturally insensitive


The city of Bloomington, Indiana, has renamed Good Friday and Columbus Day because the names imply a cultural insensitivity, according to the Bloomington Herald-Times.

The new, more politically-correct names will help make the holidays more inclusive, the mayor

                                                  Well it is a real lefty town, and I imagine something could have recently happened to push them over the edge :D


Yet another example of why the voters embraced Nationalism.


Inclusive? of what?

So now Good Friday is 'Spring Holiday" and Columbus Day “Fall Holiday”.

Who is being more included now? AFAIK, only Christians celebrate Good Friday. Are all the local Jews, Muslims, nones etc going to go, "Great, now I too have my ‘Spring Holiday’ to look forward to! Wow, it’s going to be a great “Spring Holiday” It’s not just for those Christians anymore!

And are all the people who object to Columbus Day going to go, "Yay, now I can celebrate that Monday in October because now it is ONLY “Fall Holiday”?

Not to mention that the word “holiday” itself comes from the OE for HOLY DAY.

Guess they’ll have to get rid of that word too.

What will they have to call it? Festival is out, that’s Latin and also associated with feast holyday as well!

Oh the headaches for the PC crowd. . .


Next they’ve got to tackle Valentine’s Day, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and probably Thanksgiving. It’s not easy being culturally sensitive!


I think the leftists should abolish all holidays, as well as weekends (surely Sundays as days of rest are super culturally insensitive) and make people work all the time so they are useful for society.


Pah! We were far more progressive than that in my California town; “Columbus Day” was “Indigenous People Day” and “Good Friday” never acknowledged, and this 20 years ago. We still had a Thanksgiving holiday, though, which seems an odd oversight; won’t Native people feel hurt by this celebration of oppression and imperialism?


As a fellow Massachusetts inmate, surely you must be aware that various towns and school systems around here have already “tackled” all those holidays, with the possible exception of St. Patrick’s Day, although surely that’s next. I know of school systems that have banned Valentine’s Day observances, as we all know saying “Christmas” in public is strongly discouraged politically, and forbidden in schools, virtually forbidden on local TV stations, Thanksgiving observances are deemed culturally insensitive, and the list goes on.


References to “Martin Luther King Day” never includes his title Rev. I have mentioned him as Rev. Martin Luther King in letters to the editor of our daily paper, and they changed it to Dr. Martin Luther King. This man was an ordained minister, son of an ordained minister, but no reference to his main life’s vocation can be tolerated.

Columbus Day honored and celebrated Italian Americans. So much for diversity. I suspect “Presidents Day” may one day be refocused away from the 2 White males (one with slavery connections), to something like Founders Day, recognizing women equally. Memorial Day has already been generalized somewhat, to remembering all who have passed away.

Independence Day? That seems to imply rejection of the rest of the planet, being oblivious to Climate Change; it will be replaced by “Global Village Day” or the equivalent. Expect to see more and more articles in your paper against fireworks, which are militaristic, and reminiscent of Francis Scott Key, who is now evil. Easter will be morphed into “Creation Day”, caring for our planet, new beginnings and hope for all.

Flag Day? Not a major holiday, but it will morph into Fly Your Own Flag day, e. g. rainbow, or other country flag, etc. Thanksgiving? It will continue in some form, but someone will discover native people celebrated some thanksgiving type ceremony for the harvest, so it will be merged into that. (Thanksgiving was mostly a Protestant holiday until WW2; Catholics had their own special day in the pre Vatican II days for the Harvest, so this will be ironic.)

Veterans Day seems to be the most strongly defended holiday. They tried to move it to a certain Monday in November, and the vets got them to reverse that. Since they can’t eliminate the holiday in the near future, they will try to minimize any patriotic or religious elements.

Christmas? School districts already redefine this as Winter Holidays or Winter Break. Society can’t eliminate it entirely in the near future, but they may generalize it - hope for all, spring is coming, we are interdependent, etc.


I’ve never been comfortable observing Good Friday as a day off work.

Where I work, (a government office) we get the day off. Years ago, we would work a half day. Then when we got a new boss whose wife was a Lutheran minister, we started getting the whole day off.

Now that I’m the boss, I’ve continued with that tradition, but I don’t particularly like it, personally. To me, Good Friday is entirely, wholly, and absolutely a religious observance for Catholics/some Christians. It shouldn’t be recognized as a “public” holiday.

But I go with the flow and an extra day off helps office morale. :shrug:


Good Friday isn’t a secular holiday leave it alone! And is is rather specific to christianity only. There is enough historical evidence now that doing away with Columbus day would be fine by me, and native americans as well, I’m sure!


Should rename Bloomington for being insensitive to unbloomed flowers, to “Townington” - villages, cities, and other municipalities be damned!


Why was there no change in the holiday that celebrates the birthday of an African American Baptist minister? If you asked Doctor Martin Luther King about whether his birthday was more important than Good Friday, what do you think he would say?


You can thank leftists for all of the workers rights you have, including the 40 hour work week and Saturdays off.


I tend to treat Columbus Day as more of “The Discovery of America Day”… as Columbus apparently committed some really horrendous acts.

Why change Good Friday? It’s a Christian holiday, let us celebrate… nobody is forcing non-Christians to celebrate it. Imagine the outcry if a city tried to rename a Jewish or Muslim holiday.


I really do not understand why Christmas is still celebrated, If they are bothered by Good friday enough to change the name, surely celebrating the birthday of Christ himself would be the priority first to get rid of.(confused?)


Why not celebrate all of them? When I visited India, I noticed they celebrate the major holidays of all major religions, in addition to secular holidays. Still didn’t add up to that much. And who doesn’t like a good day off from work to spend with their family?


This mayor doesn’t seem to be a “leftist”, if you are meaning him.

I think this renaming for the day off work (re Good Friday) makes sense.
They are not, of course, renaming it for Christians…Christians will continue to celebrate Good Friday and call it that, as always.
But it was odd for workplaces to give an official day off work to everyone–including Jews, Hindus, Atheists, Buddhists, Muslims–and still refer to it in the context of a specific religious day many don’t believe in or celebrate.

It has become tradition to give that day off and it’s something hard-working people and students look forward to.
So now…the non-Christians can celebrate that day as a spring holiday…and the Christians can celebrate it as Good Friday.
In the same way that Christians celebrate holidays in December as Christmas, and Jewish people celebrate those as Hanukah.



Christmas and Hanukah are two seperate holidays that happen to be in close proximity on the calander. This is not quite the same as people having having the same calander day off but celerating it for seperate reasons.


Well, even the most liberal, non-religious people I know still celebrate Christmas and call it Christmas, they seem to have no problems with doing this, even though “Christ” is literally in the name of the holiday.


It’s not your job to determine what people should have problems with.

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