Civil marriages/ divorce/ marrying in church

my son was married by a justice of the peace years ago, to a non catholic, they have since been divorced for approx 9 years. he has met another who was baptised catholic but brought up baptist. he would like to marry in a catholic church, is this possible? and what is required to do so.

Well, the first thing that needs to be done is that your son and his intended need to speak to the pastor and explain everything.

Assuming your son did not take the proper steps to marry outside of the Catholic form his marriage was objectively invalid. But he would still be expected to provide documentation to this effect and probably get a ruling from the marriage tribunal to this effect. Depending on your diocese, this can take anywhere from a few days to a few months. But your son needs to have the particulars of his specific case reviewed by his pastor.

It is hard to say what the parish may expect of the woman he wants to marry. However she may have been raised, she *IS *Catholic. There are parishes where the pastor may expect such a person to become fully initiated (make First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, be confirmed) prior to being married. While this should not be absolutely required that doesn’t mean that the parish won’t request it be done. Your son and this woman won’t know until they inquire.

it is probably possible but the only way to find out is for him, not you, to talk to his priest, lay out all the information about his past marital history and current plans, and follow the priest’s advice. The procedure is to file for an annulment due to lack of form, since he did not marry according to Catholic church law. You do not give the crucial piece of information, is he baptized Catholic but I am assuming it from your question. He may not become engaged or romantically involved until his freedom to marry is established. encourage him to make an appointment with his parish priest.

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