Civil servant didn't turn up for work for six years... but nobody noticed until they went to present him a long-service award


Although this is an extreme case, which is why it made the news, it does say something about the efficiency of government compared to the private market. Why would anyone want the IRS and HHS running health care insurance?


Reminds me of Office Space. Milton just wants his paycheck, but turns out he was laid off five years ago and they forgot to tell him.


This is why I want a stint with a business person in charge of the Executive Branch.

Whether you like or despise Obama’s Policy initiatives, he showed no talent for effectively managing the 4million plus Federal employees. Hillary may be smart, but she too has a bad management record at Dept of State.

I’d prefer a Trump lame duck (policy wise) who did little else but introduce efficacy and some reform into our civil service.


For the record, this is a British media story about an employee in a Spanish local government agency. Anything having to do with Trump, Obama, or U.S. civil servants is out of place.


It would be tough for many civil servants in the US to just not show up and still be on the payroll.


Congressmen and Senators do it all the time :smiley:


'Specially when they’re running for President :stuck_out_tongue:


They seem to live by a different set of rules. Nor does there seem to be much variation between republicans and democrats.



Once upon a time, there was this little project in Boston called the “Big Dig.” It was supposed to cost $2 billion

$14.6 billion later…


That is a good, but small example.

This is from a 2005 USA Today Editorial regarding Medicare part D:

Long-range projections are notoriously inaccurate. When Medicare, the government’s health care system for the elderly and disabled, was first enacted in 1965, lawmakers predicted it would cost $9 billion by 1990. In fact, it cost $67 billion that year.

Medicare is not just a one shot deal like the Big Dig. It is a recurring drain on the budget, and has gotten much worse since 1990.


What does that have to do with people not showing up for work?


Aw, come on! Everyone was having so much fun piling on without reading the story first. In just a few posts we got to bash the IRS, government administered health care, Hillary, Obama, and a public works project in Boston. The only thing missing was gun control. Then you come along and interject facts into the narrative. Party Pooper!!!


And a fine art it is in Boston and Chicago.


Obviously, you are unaware of how political jobs operate in Boston.

To spell it out, much of that extra $12billion went to pay people who never actually did any work.


You will have to cite the detailed report. Also, if that is true, those are contractors, not government workers.


You wouldn’t be so critical if you knew how hard it is to poop a party :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


The case of the missing public servant reminds me of a satirical play I’ve seen a couple of times about the Australian public service.

I can’t remember the title, but basically its set in a public service office. The public servants spend all their time talking scuttlebutt, digging at each other and the boss, but most of all they ridicule “Max”, who’s never there.

There’s also a promotion in the offering and they’re wondering who’s going to get it.

Meanwhile “Max” is represented by an unoccupied desk and chair, and he never appears in the play.

At one point, one of the other workers walks over to Max’s desk, opens one of his drawers, and pulls out a chain of paper clips about a metre long. He holds it up, turns to the others, and says, “This must have been one of Max’s busier days!”

Soon afterwards the boss walks in, and makes a speech which most of them pointedly ignore.

But then he announces the winner of the promotion. They all turn to look at him, hoping it’s them.

He announces “The promotion has gone to Max!”.

Pandemonium breaks out, and they start pelting the boss with anything in reach.

And Max is never there.


Max must have been a government worker.:slight_smile:


This happened with a small government.
Makes you wonder how often this type of thing happens in the disfunction that is American beaurocracy.


Or perhaps it doesn’t happen at all. We just don’t have the data to judge either way.

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